Shoes I Overwear

Shoes I Overwear



So I definitely have my fair share of shoes. Heels in particular. But no matter how many beautiful pairs I buy, I find myself in the same situation as so many other women. I tend to wear the same favorites over and over. Let me just say, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that some shoes get more love (and abuse) than others in my closet.


So how does it happen? Since I wear heels pretty much every day, I tend to gravitate towards my more comfortable pairs. I have my favorite pumps, statement pumps, go-to boots, and rotate amongst those categories. But I still have my special occasion pairs that only come out to play once in a blue moon. I’m talking about you, suede Gucci sandals!


What I do to try and spread the love? Display my shoes evenly, so I can easily see my collection and the variety at my fingertips.


The actual shoes I overwear:
Anything Stuart Weitzman: gladiators (Sparta), heeled sandals (Nudist), thigh-high boots (Highland, AllLegs). For me, all of these options are a great fit that’s comfortable AND sexy.


Other brands: Vince booties, Manolo Blahnik pumps, J.Crew everything!


The takeaway here is – No matter if you wear the same shoes over and over, it’s important that you feel comfortable, confident, and appropriate for the situation. Yes, I have my sky-high YSL sandals I love, but they’re not necessarily the best option for me to go to work, personally. That’s why some of my shoes get more action than others – but I always try to protect my shoes and help them last longer. More on that topic later! In the meantime, you can spot me in one of my favorite pairs, strutting around the office or down 5th Avenue.


Do you have favorite shoes that you think you overwear? Sound off in the comments below!

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