Feltman Brothers

Letting children be children is so important to me. And a huge part of that is the outfits they wear. When I was small, my mom always dressed me in classic pieces that always looked timeless. Nowadays kids’ clothes can look like they are trying to mimic adult styles, and that has never been my aesthetic. Instead, I also opt for beautiful girly pieces that are age-appropriate for my little one. 

When I had Elle, I was lucky enough to pass down some of the pieces that my mother had preserved for me. The majority of those little dresses were Feltman Brothers. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Feltman Brothers have been the leader of timeless children’s clothes for decades (since 1916). The precious silhouettes are classic, and the detailing such as smocking, embroidery, and lace are unparalleled. This Summer, I’m happy to partner with this iconic brand to give Elle some Feltman Brothers of her own. These beautiful pieces will stand the test of time and hopefully she can pass them down to her daughters one day. Click the links below for details on each look. 

Pintucked Pink Dress. White Smocked Dress. Knit Short Set.

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Discovering new brands is one of my absolute favorite things about fashion. Learning about fresh designers is something that keeps my passion alive! My friends and I are always sharing new discoveries, collections, and anything that we think suits our personal style.

That’s why I’m so excited to share a new brand that I recently discovered with all of you! EDDY is a feminine brand that combines whimsical bohemian elements with tailored pieces for the modern woman. I found this gorgeous new brand online, and was instantly in love! On top of being attracted to the bold prints, flattering silhouettes, and luxe details, I happen to know the designer! ‘’

What a small world! She’s always been the girl you want to be your friend, you want to dress like – and now we can!

When ordering my first round of EDDY, I was really attracted to the bold blue print which reminded me of some Indian fabrics that my mom has worn over the years. I love how EDDY combines global influences, luxe-feeling fabrics, and a girly charm with every single piece. Let me tell you…everything is quality. From the construction of the garments to the packaging when you receive, this brand is doing it right!

This summer catch me wearing my two-piece set and sundress all season long! Next up on my order list are some fun blazers with detailed beading and embroidery, and I can’t wait to see the Fall collection. You can follow @eddy_aesthetic on Instagram for more details on the brand and sneak peeks of upcoming designs. I hope you love this brand as much as I do!

Thank you to EDDY for partnering on this post.

Dress. Skirt. Top.


Mi Golondrina Mommy & Me

I have to admit, one of the perks of having a little mini-me is the darling outfits for little girls. The sweet dresses, smocking and embroidery are all too cute to resist. And while Elle definitely has a wardrobe that rivals mine, I also love when we can have a Mommy & Me matching moment. It’s really fun to find brands that make adorable clothes that I like for myself, but aren’t too adult for my tiny tot. That’s why I was so excited when I realized one of my favorite brands, Mi Golondrina, also has the sweetest items for little ones. 

Last year I got ready for Spring and Summer with some classic blue and white dresses, and this year they’ve done it again with gorgeous pieces for the new season. Elle and I were excited to choose lavender looks which just invite thoughts of Spring finally arriving. The pastel hues are perfect for the season, Easter brunch and beyond. This year I’m loving the longer silhouette on the Olivia dress that looks stylish (but still comfortable and practical) while I chase around my mini-me. What makes these looks even more charming is the beautiful mission behind the brand and its founder. The brand is dedicated to uplifting local artisan communities and celebrating the founder’s Mexican heritage. I absolutely love the mission and how cultures and traditions can be passed from generation to generation – something I’m focused on with Elle. It just makes our matching moment even more special. 

For more information on Mi Golondrina, and their fabulous mission and pieces, visit migolondrina.com.  

Thank you to Mi Golondrina for partnering on this post.