Summer Gingham

Isn’t it funny how certain patterns can just evoke the feeling of a season? For instance, as soon as I see tartan, it’s officially the holidays! Well, gingham is another pattern that immediately makes me think of Summer. Besides the typical picnic connotation, gingham can look chic and summery in a variety of colors. This year I’ve opted for this baby blue midi dress that has become my immediate go-to for travel days. The length, weight (it doesn’t feel flimsy), and the overall breezy aesthetic make it perfect for days when I want to throw on something easy. I’ve been wearing my dress for Summer outings with Elle with white, nude, and gold sandals. Maybe a picnic is in order after all!

Dress: byTiMo.  Sunnies: Celine. Bag: Vintage Chanel.


Feltman Brothers

Letting children be children is so important to me. And a huge part of that is the outfits they wear. When I was small, my mom always dressed me in classic pieces that always looked timeless. Nowadays kids’ clothes can look like they are trying to mimic adult styles, and that has never been my aesthetic. Instead, I also opt for beautiful girly pieces that are age-appropriate for my little one. 

When I had Elle, I was lucky enough to pass down some of the pieces that my mother had preserved for me. The majority of those little dresses were Feltman Brothers. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Feltman Brothers have been the leader of timeless children’s clothes for decades (since 1916). The precious silhouettes are classic, and the detailing such as smocking, embroidery, and lace are unparalleled. This Summer, I’m happy to partner with this iconic brand to give Elle some Feltman Brothers of her own. These beautiful pieces will stand the test of time and hopefully she can pass them down to her daughters one day. Click the links below for details on each look. 

Pintucked Pink Dress. White Smocked Dress. Knit Short Set.

Thank you Feltman Brothers for partnering on this post. 


Shorter For Summer

Right now I find myself leaning towards blousier midi and maxi silhouettes. I appreciate the comfort, ease, and flattering fits of these dresses. However, once in a while a mini comes along that tempts me back into shorter territory! When I found this adorable Stine Goya mini-dress, I knew it would be just as flattering as the longer looks in my closet. I love the wider cut that isn’t too restricting, the ruffle detail, and the ice blue color with a subtle sheen. 

You can dress up this piece with a fun pair of heels, or wear it casually like I’ve done with some neutral Hermes sandals. Throw in a straw bag to make it extra Summery! What do you think? Are you partial to midi or mini dresses for the Summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Dress: Stine Goya.