Summer Of Love

This Summer of love has been an exciting one as we eagerly await the arrival of our new bundle of joy! With two little girls, people always say that we’re lucky to be able to reuse or share some of Elle’s things. While that’s true for some items, I’ve been very adamant on wanting the girls to have their own special things that can be uniquely theirs. For instance, Elle’s first nursery was cream with pops of blush, while this baby has her own distinct look – pastel blue with some botanical and bow details. Throughout this pregnancy, I’ve found myself leaning towards more pinks for Elle and blues for the new little one, whether it’s décor or clothing. 

One of the reasons I’ve loved having separate aesthetics and items for the girls is that I’m always thinking about what will one day be passed down to them. I’ve loved sharing the special items my mom saved for me, and I want the girls to have their own heritage pieces that they can one day share with their own little ones. When I think of classic baby clothing, I instantly think of Feltman Brothers. Their vintage-inspired collections are so detailed, darling, and instantly become family heirlooms. Elle has had the pleasure of wearing some of my Feltman items from childhood, as well as adding some new pieces to her own collection season after season. This year, she was excited to wear a new smocked dress in her signature color (pink of course) and an absolutely gorgeous knit short set with eyelet and flower embroidery. She can even layer on a classic cardigan which is perfect for school time later in the year! It’s the precious details such as lace trim, hand-embroidery and smocking that make these pieces so special and timeless. 

Of course, we can’t let big sister be the only one who is spoiled! Before her arrival, our new little one has some gorgeous Feltman Brothers waiting for her too! I can’t wait to share the outfits once she’s here, but I’m so thrilled to share some of the sweet items that are going in her hospital bag and that have adorned her nursery already. In addition to gorgeous newborn gowns and dresses, Feltman also has the sweetest accessories such as embroidered diaper coversbibs with lace trim, and booties with satin ribbons. One of my favorite pieces that adds a touch of luxury to the nursery is her new dainty baby blanket with a blue satin ribbon. I had an all-white version when I was born, so I’m excited for this little one to have her very own! To me, it’s the details like this that make the nursery so unique. It’s quickly become my favorite room in the house! Between the peaceful blue tones and elements such as vintage crystal, classic blue Wedgewood (of course Elle has pink) purchased from antique stores in my hometown, and seashells gathered on the beaches of the Bahamas during our babymoon that give the room a sentimental and personal touch. 

Now that our nursery is set, we’re just waiting for our little one to arrive! I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of her room and all of the pieces that help make this time so special for our family. 

Thank you to Feltman Brothers for partnering on this post.

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