Discovering new brands is one of my absolute favorite things about fashion. Learning about fresh designers is something that keeps my passion alive! My friends and I are always sharing new discoveries, collections, and anything that we think suits our personal style.

That’s why I’m so excited to share a new brand that I recently discovered with all of you! EDDY is a feminine brand that combines whimsical bohemian elements with tailored pieces for the modern woman. I found this gorgeous new brand online, and was instantly in love! On top of being attracted to the bold prints, flattering silhouettes, and luxe details, I happen to know the designer! ‘’

What a small world! She’s always been the girl you want to be your friend, you want to dress like – and now we can!

When ordering my first round of EDDY, I was really attracted to the bold blue print which reminded me of some Indian fabrics that my mom has worn over the years. I love how EDDY combines global influences, luxe-feeling fabrics, and a girly charm with every single piece. Let me tell you…everything is quality. From the construction of the garments to the packaging when you receive, this brand is doing it right!

This summer catch me wearing my two-piece set and sundress all season long! Next up on my order list are some fun blazers with detailed beading and embroidery, and I can’t wait to see the Fall collection. You can follow @eddy_aesthetic on Instagram for more details on the brand and sneak peeks of upcoming designs. I hope you love this brand as much as I do!

Thank you to EDDY for partnering on this post.

Dress. Skirt. Top.

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