New Bag – Classic Chanel

New Bag – Classic Chanel


Well, I told myself I wasn’t going to another bag this year, but I had to break my own rule when I saw this beauty in Ireland.


My Chanel count has risen to 3, but I’m excited because each bag is a unique style and color. My previous Chanel bags were the “Boy” and a “Kelly,” but I always had my eye on the classic silhouette. The “mini” size always appealed to me as cute and functional – just large enough to hold keys, a lipstick, a card case, and phone. That’s all you need right?! In terms of color, I already had a black and white bag, so beige seemed like the next obvious choice. I love that this shade is neutral, but still unique and luxe. Being a classic, I wanted to make sure it was something I wouldn’t tire of, and I would have for years to come!


Bag: Chanel.

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