Brown Paper Doll X Rent The Runway

Brown Paper Doll X Rent The Runway




I’m so excited to share this partnership because it’s a service I use in my everyday life! Recently a co-worker said to me “I feel like I’ve never seen you in the same outfit twice. Where do you get your clothes?” I was so excited to tell her all about Rent The Runway which I use to constantly keep my wardrobe fresh. With #RentTheRunway unlimited, I have access to an endless closet, rotating items in and out whenever I’m ready.


I had previously used RTR for events, but the unlimited program is great for every day and for special occasions. I mostly use it to keep myself styling for work, but I try to keep my orders balanced between office-appropriate and dazzling pieces for nights out on the town. I just picked a work-friendly dress (it came brand new with the tag on), a comfy but chic blazer to wear on my travels abroad, a bright blouse and earrings to match! In the next weeks, I’ll get more fun picks for work AND a gown for a friend’s wedding. My favorite thing about RTR is that I can try trends without feeling pressured to purchase. Neon? A full plaid suit? It’s in my next shipment! This way, I can try trends without a wallet-affecting commitment and see if they are truly for me before I invest in a permanent purchase. In fact, this service has actually curbed my spending! Because I constantly feel like I have new items, I don’t have to shop to scratch my itch for the latest styles.


Lastly, I gain access to designers that would usually be outside my price range. Plus, if there’s an item I can’t live without permanently, I can purchase at a discounted price. Recently, you might have seen me rocking a pair of karate pants from RTR. They would’ve been out of my price range before, but now I can purchase them (discounted of course) because I think they will be a great addition to my wardrobe.  If you want to show off your style without breaking the bank, I recommend trying Rent The Runway Unlimited. I’m so in love with it, I have a special offer for all my followers, who use the code BROWNPAPERDOLL. Use THIS LINK (and the promo code) to get $100 off your first two months! Don’t love it? Cancel anytime! Here’s to your brand new closet dolls! xo


Thank you to Rent the Runway for partnering on this post!

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