All Dolled Up: Lipsticks

All Dolled Up: Lipsticks







In my post from last week, I mentioned that lipstick is one of my favorite ways to switch up an outfit. A swipe of a different color can change the vibe of a look and take you from work-friendly to party ready! While I mostly stick with pinkish nudes (MAC’s “Spirit” is my go-to), I’ve recently been branching out to include other shades like flame red, deep plum, shocking pink, and caramel nude. Here are my favorites that keep my lip game on point!


1. MAC “Spirit.  2. Nars “Overheated”.  3. Stila “Beso”.  4. Tom Ford “Casablanca”.  5. Nars “Instant Crash”.  6. Chanel “La Sensuelle”.  7. Giorgio Armani “#402”.  8. Nars “Schiap”.

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