Lake Pajamas

Lake Pajamas


Staying home during the quarantine while pregnant definitely led to a shake-up of my daily wardrobe. I traded my stilettos for pajamas and loungewear just like so many of you. While I’m usually not one to spring for special pj’s, they’re all I wanted as soon as I gave birth to my little Elle.  Enter Lake, a brand that sells the softest cotton loungewear you can imagine. I had previously been gifted a set of shorts, but never really wore them since I don’t love bare legs around the house. 


Well, let me tell you that after getting a set of the long pj’s, I haven’t wanted to take them off. They’re soft, breathable, and oh so cozy. I also love that they offer special sets for maternity needs/nursing mothers, so they are great for this time in my life.  I opted for a striped set in Parisian green (a pretty mint shade), that will be cute no matter the season. The best part? I got a matching set for Elle so we can get our “mommy and me” on without even leaving the house!

I love the pj’s so much, I’m already considering what set we’ll get next. Maybe lavender? Since the sets are 100% cotton, they do shrink quite a bit – so if you are interested in this brand, make sure to keep this in mind. Let me know if you’re a fan of Lake in the comments below and your thoughts on what colors will be cute for Spring!

Maternity – Parisian Green: LAKE. Lavender: LAKE. Kids Lavender: LAKE.

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