Two In A Row

Now that I’m in my 30’s, there is a whole new set of designers that have captured my attention. I’m willing to spend a little bit more on more classic pieces that will stand the test of time. One such brand is The Row. The high-end designs of Mary Kate and Ashley have an effortless and uber-minimal style that resonates with cool girls all over the world. Fair warning that it’s very pricey, but if you can catch it on sale, I think it’s worth it. I was fortunate enough to get two pieces recently – both cream maxi dresses. One was a very minimal crepe t-shirt style dress, the other along-sleeved wool dress with a sexy slit down the front. 

I love the t-shirt dress for casual evenings, and the wool for a more bold outing. I paired my look with oversized sunglasses and layered chunky jewels. You’ll find me wearing these looks for family photos, date nights, and even client dinners (the short-sleeved option of course). Now I just have to keep my eyes open for more sales!

Short-Sleeved Robi Dress The Row. Long-Sleeve Simona Dress: The Row.

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