Bold Belts

Bold Belts

Have you all noticed that designer belts are all the rage again? And while I think the Gucci belt is the most common, there are some other more unique brands on the market. Since 2022 is the year of Valentino so far, I opted for their reversible wide style. But here are my other personal picks for the luxe designer belt trend. 

Valentino (pictured): I love that this belt is reversible in two neutral shades. The buckle has some gravitas to it and feels expensive. 

Hermes: The most classic luxe belt! I love the different color combinations and the iconic H buckle that is recognizable from afar! 

Loewe: I have a thing for the anagram logo, and I love that this luxe brand is a little less common. 

Dior: There’s something about the Montaigne style “CD” that is so sleek and classic. Another reversible belt, you’ll have this one for years to come. 

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