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Traveling In Style


Do you ever watch movies that take place in the past and admire how glamorous everyone looks while traveling? Think “Catch Me If You Can” (Leo…swoon), and how gorgeous the women looked in their pastel suits, heels, and hats.


Today, it’s more common to see people in sweats and sneakers while they’re on the go in the airport. It makes me yearn for the chic travel of the past. Don’t get me wrong…comfort and practicality are key. But I guess its about finding that right balance.


For example, on my recent trip to New York, I traveled in the cutest ALC High waisted trousers, a L’Agence tank, and an Iro knitted jacket. It sounds cute, and I thought I was going to be the chicest woman in the skies. But in reality, the pants were wrinkled by the end of the flight! In fact, I probably would’ve looked more polished if I simply threw on an old pair of jeans. All that to say, when I travel I want to look stylish and put together, but still be comfortable! My tip…wear what makes you feel great. These days, I mostly travel in a longer midi-dress with a jacket or oversized scarf for if I get cold in the airport or plane. OR I opt for jeans and cotton shirt (like my fav tshirt) and a moto jacket. I rock my looks with a chunky heel (like these) OR a chic flat like my Gucci slides or Jonathan Sanders sneaks.


As for what to pack – I always make sure to pack some key essentials for every flight:


1. Something sexy that won’t wrinkle. Cause you never know where the night will take you, and who wants to deal with a steamer or iron?


2. Your favorite pair of sunnies. I ‘m leaning towards classic shapes and dark frames. I just feel like adding a pair of sunglasses just instantly makes an outfit more glamorous!


3. Something Comfy. Last, but certainly not least – pack something that makes you feel comfortable while away from home. For me, I love a soft sweatshirt for lounging around the hotel, or running casual errands. I usually go for navy, grey, or cream – and this one just spoke to me. Taco time? Always.


4. A beloved and travel-sized perfume. You never know when you want a little spritz to make you feel fresh. I love that this bottle – a travel size of Margiela’s sexy “Jazz Club” has a spray top, and isn’t a roll-on. For some reason, I feel like the scent is just stronger when you can spray it on. Plus, this scent in particular is just irresistible.  Can’t get enough of it?  Click here for the full-size!


5. A travel-sized dry shampoo. Sometimes you hair can feel limp or greasy after travel. I know often times I hop off the plane, go to work or do activities during the day, and then don’t have time to fully do my hair again by evening time. This spray by Oribe smells divine and will keep your locks looking fresh.  Get the full-size spray here!


6. Comfortable Heels. Pack some heels that can take you from day to night and won’t make you feel crippled along the way. Since I’ve been traveling back to New York, I’ll wear heels to work and then usually walk to drinks or dinner. I want to feel dressy, but definitely don’t have time or patience for heels that hurt! Plus…life is too short for uncomfortable shoes!




Lust List

Scents of the Season


For me, the holidays means spending time at home cuddled on the couch with family and friends. And things I love to make my home feel extra cozy usually include fresh-cut flowers and lots of candles! I think it just creates such an ambiance to have the lights down low and the faint flicker of candlelight to give the room a warm glow. Not to mention the lovely scents that can fill your home and truly bring this festive season to life. I associate the holidays with a variety of lovely aromas, including amber, pine, and cinnamon. And since I’m such a candle freak, I thought I’d share my favorite picks for scents of the season!


1. Molton Brown.  Molton Brown is one of my favorite home and bath brands. This luxurious black-peppercorn candle has a spicy scent with notes of amber, ginger, and bergamot. Plus, I love the color of the hand blown glass container!


2. Diptyque.  The first of the amber candles on my list! Diptyque’s Amber is a warm and elegant scent that you’d come to expect from the king of candle brands. While I usually go for the Baies scent, Ambre is perfect for this season!


3. Maison Martin Margiela.  I’ve wanted this fragrance for a while now, so I when I saw the candle version, I was instantly intrigued. This particular scent by Margiela aims to immortalize the masculine and exhilarating ambiance of a Brooklyn jazz club. The balmy base scent of musk, vanilla, tonka bean, vetiver, and tobacco leaves combine to evoke a sensual experience. I might still have to get that fragrance!


4. Voluspa.  This one is burning in my house right now! Voluspa is one of my candle go-to’s, offering a wide range of exotic scents and beautifully colored holders. Baltic Amber features the bold notes of amber resin, sandalwood and vanilla orchid and will fill your home with a warm and inviting scent.


5. Volcano.  Now my go-to, fail-safe, tried and true candle is the Capri Blue Volcano candle. If you’re ever been in an Anthropologie, then you know this candle’s heavenly scent. It has an exotic and slightly tropical aroma, but it isn’t overpowering or inappropriate for colder months. For this season, I opt for the red jar instead of the classic blue.


6. NEST.  Last but not least is the candle that reigns supreme this season, aptly named “Holiday” by NEST. Holiday captures the aroma of a sparkling holiday season by blending pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber.


And there you have it…my picks for a scented and sensual holiday season. Curl up at home, light one of the candles off this list, and let it burn baby burn!


I hope everyone has an amazing holiday and I’ll catch y’all next week just in time for New Years! Xoxo