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Lust List

Tis The Season



Can you believe the holidays are upon us already?! Don’t get me wrong…I love this time of year. The sights, the sounds, the scents, quality time with family and friends…what’s not to love!! Oh and did I forget to mention the shopping?

Although I don’t love battling crowds, I do enjoy the holiday fashion and picking out the perfect presents for my loved ones…including myself. While I do plan on doing a more holistic holiday gift guide, consider this my pre-holiday lust list to get you in the mood!


1. J.Crew Wool-Cashmere Topcoat – Brrrrr…it’s cold people! Fall/Winter finally decided to show up! It’s time to break out the heavier coats and bundle up in style. I just got a long double-breasted coat (see here!) and I love this menswear-inspired one from J.Crew in silvery grey. The longer silhouette is so flattering and will keep you both bundled and chic.


2. J.Crew Satin Ankle Strap Flats – Speaking of J.Crew, they’re making a double-feature on this week’s list. I’m totally a heels girl, and I usually love strutting myself in pair of sky high pumps. But sometimes you are just feeling a pair of classy flats. These are just that! Take a break from the heels and slip on these satin jeweled flats that are dressy enough for your holiday party, but comfy enough to actually stand/dance in! (P.S. I got similar satin flats from J.Crew that I love- you can see them here).


3. Target Cashmere Beanie – Time to break out that beanie baby! My ears often hurt when walking to work in the blistering cold. A beanie is a cute and functional way to keep you warm, and can add some color to your outfit! I love this red cashmere one that’s a steal from Target! Definitely a must-have!


4. Club Monaco Weronika Sweater – Sweater season is upon us, and I’m always looking for the perfect combination of cozy and cute. When my friend Kelley wore this cream Club Monaco beauty to the office, I knew she hit the sweater jackpot. I love the chunky knit, perfect winter white shade, and chiffon ribbon detailing on the sleeves.


5. stila Liquid Lipstick – I’ve professed my love for stila liquid lipsticks before (see here), but this one has to be my favorite. The creamy texture glides on easy and dries to a rich matte pout that lasts for hours. “Beso” is my favorite true-red lip shade that is the perfect holiday red for a classic and festive makeup look.


6. Christian Louboutin So Kate Metallic Leather Pumps – Here are those sky-high heels I mentioned! I always love a good metallic shoe, and these would be amazing for any holiday look! Plus, they’re cool and simple enough that you can wear these well past the holiday season to add a bit of glam and shine.


7. Ted Baker Timu Embellished Collared Dress – Can you really ever have enough LBD’s? I love this one from Ted Baker because of the simplicity and white collar and cuffs. However, it still brings a little something extra to the table with its addition of sparkly embellishments on the collar for a touch of sparkle.


What’s your favorite on the list? Let me know in the comments below! I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday this week!


Cocktails & Shoes


Cocktails and Shoes: Is there anything else?


Last week I went out on the town for drinks with my friends, and Jacque and I ended up getting our favorite cocktail in all of New York City: The Dirty Jane. For those of you in New York, I totally suggest a visit to The Smith for this pickled-green tomato spin on a vodka dirty martini. I won’t admit how many I had…but needless to say these babies are good!


While there, Jacque and I got to talking about how cocktails have their own style, and how they can go with your mood. Quite similar to shoes actually! So here goes my guide to my favorite cocktails in NYC, and the shoes that go with them! See mom, I do have passions!


1. The aforementioned Dirty Jane (or Dirty Martini) & Christian Louboutin
A classic and sophisticated cocktail calls for a sleek AND chic shoe. With its pointed toe and extra high heel, these pumps are both classy and sexy.


2. Bloody Mary & Rag & Bone
These kicks are reminiscent of my favorite weekend cocktail. Spicy and red, these Rag & Bone sneakers are perfect for wearing to a casual brunch where you can enjoy a spicy tomato cocktail of your own!


3. Hot Toddy & Alexander Wang

A warm whisky shade of brown makes these two the perfect pair. I might be biased because I own these lovely boots – but I love them just the same. The suede is the richest color, and the metallic detail in the heel adds the perfect cool-girl touch!


4. Champagne & Saint Laurent

I want these. So. Badly. What goes better with a glass of bubbly than more sparkles! These boots are not only eye-catching but comfortable. You’ll look like you should be sipping champagne at Studio 54. Santa, if you’re out there…these are at the top of my list!


5. Espresso Martini & Jimmy Choo
Sophisticated and smooth, the deep espresso color of these velvet Mary Jane’s remind me of the rich and velvety coffee flavor of my favorite night-cap.


6. A Manhattan & Steven
I guess it took moving to the city to get me to love this essential cocktail. But being a true Southern gal, I prefer mine with bourbon. The smoky and sweet flavors of this favorite make me think of a velvet smoking slipper in a black cherry shade. Plus, the price is just too good not to indulge!


Protecting Your Shoes

I love shoes. It’s no secret. And over the years, my shoes have become even more precious (and pricey) to me. While I am still a Florida girl who will throw on Rainbow flip flops (the same pair since high school… but whatever), my shoe arsenal has definitely upped it’s game.
Now, it’s not just those old Rainbows, but also luxury pairs such as my favorite black Manolo pumps, studded Louboutins, classic Prada loafers, and strappy Gucci sandals. While my collection is still growing, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that each of these pairs aren’t a big purchase for me. They’re definitely a splurge, so I want to make sure that these babies are well taken care of and will last for years to come.
So what’s my approach for protecting my shoes? First I take stock of my purchase and gauge how often I think I’ll wear them. Are they expensive and worth an extra investment of some additional shoe care? Or are they shoes that are just worth however long they last. Take my Manolos for instance – a little on the pricey side, but I also wear them A LOT. In this case, it was worth it for me to invest in durable heel taps, and a sole protector (that rubber bit along the large part of the bottom of your shoe) that helps prevent wear-down. With my sole protector, these shoes have lasted me exponentially longer, and now the extra money for this shoe is totally worth it. You can also easily replace a sole protector – instead of doing major surgery on the shoe itself. On the other hand, there’s expensive shoes that that I RARELY wear. In this case, they are pricey, but I wear them so few times a year that it isn’t worth it for me to invest in additional shoe care. Hey, you have to be discerning!
The other thing I do to help protect my shoes is to make sure that I wear them in appropriate situations. No suede in bad weather, no stilettos if I’m doing a lot of walking, and super pricey shoes only come out to play for short periods of time. I like to walk to work in a pair of comfy and cute Vans sneakers, but then change into my big girl heels.
And last but not least, after seasonal changes I assess the damage to the shoes that may need work. When Fall starts, I take a look at my summer sandals to see which pairs might need some extra TLC. With a quick visit to my local cobbler (Leather Spa in NYC, Bear’s Shoe Repair in JAX, and Santana Creative in ATL), my shoes are once again back in great shape for another year of wear!
What about y’all? Do you have any tips for helping your shoes last longer.