SPANX Favorites

SPANX Favorites


So we all know I’m a huge fan of SPANX! I’ve turned to the ultimate smoothing brand since college to always help me look my best and feel the most confident. I wore them under my formal dresses, wore two pairs under my wedding dress (ain’t no shame in my game), and now I just wear them all the time for some extra smoothing action. BUT, the SPANX brand has evolved to so much more than the shapewear we have come to know and love. The brand’s offerings have expanded to intimates, activewear, and even apparel that I wear to work on the regular.


So many people ask me what my favorite items are, so I thought I would finally put together a list. I’m also excited to perhaps share some lesser-known favorites here…you won’t find faux leather leggings on this list! Oprah might have included Spanx on her “favorite things,” but consider the following list Brown Paper Doll approved!!


SPANX Muscle Tank: This top might be an underdog, but I absolutely LOVE it! It has this cool heathered texture, is just so effortlessly cool. I throw this on under blazers, moto jackets, or wear it alone with high waisted pants and a lot of necklaces. Love it!


SPANX Bra-llelujah Bralette: So comfortable that you won’t think you’re wearing anything.


SPANX Bra-llelujah Demi-Lift: The bra I reach for on most days! With elastic straps that don’t cut into you and a front closure, it’s just so easy and amazing!


SPANX EveryWear Icon Leggings: I’m honestly not a huge legging wearer. Blasphemy, I know. BUT I do love a good pair of leggings for running around on the weekends, or when I actually make it to a workout. These leggings are so smooth, so flattering, so stretchy (but not in a cheap way) – they’re my favorite for a dressed-down Saturday.


SPANX Perfect Black Pant Hi-Rise Flare: Like I mentioned, I’m not really a leggings person. However, these black pants combine the look of a trouser with the comfort of a legging. They are amazing! Honestly, the other silhouettes in this collection still come off as a legging to me – but these are just perfect. They’re also just more fashionable with the flared silhouette. I wear these to work at least once a week!


SPANX High-Waisted Tights: Y’all might not think of Spanx as the place to go for tights, but let me tell you…you’re missing out. These tights make me feel so supported, have some shaping action and are just so flattering under dresses/skirts. I remember when I lived in New York, I would save my Spanx tights for special occasions, because they were my “fancy” pair. Now, I can’t live without them in the Winter.


SPANX Power Conceal-Her High-Waisted Extended Length Short: My favorite collection of shapewear to turn to when I need some extra smoothing. I love the thigh and tummy coverage that still feels light! For more on this product and why I love it, you can actually read a post I did a couple of years ago on this very collection!

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