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Graphic Tees











Being from the South, I always found myself to be more of a sundress girl. However, since living in New York, I have a new-found appreciation for throwing on a comfy t-shirt with a pair of jeans for ease. Of course, I still dress the combo up with a cute pair of heels and usually a blazer or leather jacket. I think it adds a bit more polish and style to a work-day outfit.


I have a couple graphic tees that I wear on rotation, including a vintage Adidas and super soft Pink Floyd shirt left over from a commercial shoot I worked on. But my absolute favorite is my Hall & Oates concert tee that my husband got me when we saw the duo on tour this year. Jason and I adore H&O, so every time I wear the shirt, I have happy memories of dancing the night away at the concert. And while even though I don’t wear t-shirts often, I think the personal connection makes it even more special when I do.

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