Best Luxury Push Presents

Best Luxury Push Presents


While the greatest gift of having a baby is the moment you hold your child in your arms, moms know it’s quite the process to get to that moment. Morning sickness, aches and pains, and that’s before the actual birth. Because of this, another joy that so many new moms can experience is that of the push present. Jason wanted to get me something really special for the 9+ months, and I wanted something beautiful to commemorate Élodie’s arrival. 

I had a hard time selecting something beautiful, but I knew I wanted it to be something tangible (vs an experience) that I could hold and have for years to come. I also wanted it to be something luxurious that I could potentially pass down to Elle. So what did I get you ask? I opted for a classic steel/white gold Rolex with diamonds. But that wasn’t the only option I was considering. So if you’re about to celebrate the arrival of your previous little one, or you simply want to treat yourself to a splurge-worthy present, then here are my picks for the best luxury push presents.  

Rolex: The most iconic luxury watch that will become an heirloom over the years. Not only will the watch keep its value, but it’s also a special piece that can be worn both for casual and special occasions. I’m so obsessed with my watch and I can’t wait to hand it down to Elle one day!

Cartier Jewelry: Another classic brand with so many romantic pieces. You can opt for something from the iconic Love collection, like the famous bracelet. I personally love the Trinity collection and thought it was symbolic to have the three intertwined rings, especially with the arrival of our first child. While I chose a Rolex for my push present, Jason spoiled me with this ring for my Christmas present. 

Baby’s Gemstone: Another way to celebrate the arrival of baby is to get a piece of jewelry in their birthstone. With the meaning so apparent, It will make you smile when you look at it, and it’s another great piece you can hand down. I recently treated myself to a ring in Elle’s birthstone of blue topaz. 

Luxury Bag: While I’m never one to turn down jewelry, I also love a good luxury bag. I think bags might be a little less special since they can take more everyday wear and tear, but a truly splurge-worthy bag is a great gift to feel spoiled and celebrate the occasion. My pick would be the classic Chanel flap bag (I’ve been eyeing the jumbo) which will be elegant for years to come. 

Anything Diamond: When in doubt, anything diamond! The symbol of luxury, a diamond is always sure to please. Try a solitaire diamond necklace, or perhaps a bangle or tennis bracelet. 

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