Barbie Sparkle Blast

Barbie Sparkle Blast


If you grew up loving fashion, chances are you also played with Barbie. The euphoria of living the life of a princess, with skills and interests galore, a killer wardrobe, a gang of fun friends and a dream car? Sign me up! As a child, Barbie helped me stretch my imagination and allowed me to envision all of the fun possibilities of what Barbie (and I) could do. Not to mention I loved mixing and matching her outfits to create new looks – similar to what I love to do now (hence the name Brown Paper Doll)! Barbie inspired me to embrace what I love, and not apologize for it.


So, when Barbie reached out to do a collaboration for their new iPhone game “Barbie Sparkle Blast,” first I downloaded it immediately, and of course I said yes! Barbie Sparkle Blast is the kind of iPhone game you say you’re going to play over a lunch break, then end up spending all day on it until your battery dies. It’s ADDICTING! And just like the classic Barbie where you can choose different characters, outfits and places to play, this game makes you feel like Barbie 2.0 as you enjoy different cities (obvi New York is my favorite level) and go on (trendy) adventures right on your screen!


Whoever loves Barbie will love this game. I’m such a fan, and it takes me right back to when I was four years old in my room mixing and matching Barbie’s looks for the perfect fantasy outing. Now if only I could get that dreamhouse! Baby steps I guess.


Thank you to Barbie for sponsoring this post.


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