The Best Straw Hats for Summer

The Best Straw Hats for Summer

A straw hat is the easiest way to make an outfit instantly feel like Summer! It’s the perfect accessory that combines functionality with style. Block those rays and add a cute pop of color or polish to any warm-weather look. While I definitely have a favorite in my closet, I recently purchased a new one to freshen my looks and add a girly touch. Here are my picks for the best Summer hats of 2021. 

Eric Javits Boater: My straw hat staple! I’ve had this hat for years and it continues to be my absolute favorite. It goes with everything! While the price tag might seem hefty, it’s more than paid for itself over the years. 

Eugenia Kim: A new add to my collection. I love the girly blush ribbon which gives me total Bridgerton vibes!

CUYANAA classic shape and color combination. This is a staple to have in any Summer wardrobe.

Artesano: I can’t say enough about the beautiful hats from this brand. I love the idea of having a pop of color like the pink and the blue, but I also love the all-ivory. So chic!

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