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What Am I Going To Wear Today Pt. II


A while ago I wrote a post about the infamous question “what am I going to wear today?” I shared my life hack for never asking myself that question and guaranteeing a quick morning routine during the week. If you haven’t yet, you should read the details of the post, but the long story short is that I pick out all of the week’s outfits on Sunday. Once I’ve got my looks, I hang them in reverse order, so Monday is at the very front of the batch and ready for me to quickly grab in the morning.


While I still stand by that life-hack, I understand that level of planning leaves can seem a little extreme or leave little room for spontaneity. Well to those who think that, I’ve got another method that works for me when I don’t have the time or energy to pull looks on Sunday…the running outfit list!


I put my favorite outfits to wear in a running list that I keep on my phone. So if I’m ever in a bind, I can refer to my list and see what strikes my fancy. Unlike my other method, you don’t have to have your outfit planned, but you have something easy to jog your memory of your favorite looks. An example of items on my list include:


– Black tuxedo pants. Black turtleneck. Leather Jacket. Manolos (black or colorful)
– Reformation Black Midi Dress. Bandana. Blazer or White Vince Jacket. Golden Goose Sneakers.


You’ll see I just use brief identifiers (whether descriptor or brand) to easily delineate each piece. Another way I organize my list is to group the outfits together by sub-category. Since I work in advertising, my work-wear is not overly professional and is my “Every-day” clothing. The other categories I have are “Casual”, “Summer-wear”, and “Evening”. But you can use whatever works for you! What do you dolls think? Would you use this list to have go-to outfits handy?


Green Beret


Well, it’s official – the trend of the season is the beret. It’s back!


Quick aside, I had a cashmere beret in high school and people made fun of me for wearing it. I was so embarrassed that I gave it away. I wish I could’ve told myself to let the haters and hate and keep that beautiful beret!


In any case, I’m making up for lost time now. While in Ireland, I threw on an emerald beret and coordinating faux croc crossbody bag. I’m very into dark greens this season and I felt these two accessories would be beautiful with other neutrals. For walking around the city, I threw on my favorite comfy Cos dress (sorry it’s sold out) and finished the look with a casual cream jacket (on sale). The oversized lapels, cropped silhouette and drawstring hemline give it an oversized yet put-together fit!


Here’s to more days rocking our favorite Parisian accessory. Très chic!


Jacket: Vince.  Bag: Forever 21.  Berets: Forever 21Gravity Trading.


My Beach

As y’all know, I recently got the chance to go home to Florida and escape the hustle and bustle of New York.
Given the weather up north, I was pleasantly surprised to step off the plane and be drenched in sunshine and warmth. I know that’s what it’s like in Florida, but somehow I’m always still shocked. How is it SO bright?!
But the weather isn’t the only amazing thing about calling Florida home. The warmth of the people, the closeness of family, and the more relaxed lifestyle brings comfort to my soul. Sometimes the slower pace of life is just what I need to feel rejuvenated. Not surprising is the fact that the beach plays an important part of my life and that rejuvenation. Feeling the sand between my toes, hearing the waves roll and crash, and watching the sun set behind the dunes is an experience that always brings me peace and clarity. I know that sometimes the holidays can be inherently stressful. Whether you’re preparing to entertain, wrapping up projects at work, or feeling the pressure to find the perfect gift, things can get a little hectic this time of year. Personally I’ve been traveling a lot for work, gift hunting, keeping up with the blog, and recovering from a cold. It can be overwhelming at times! That’s why I feel it’s so important to make some time for yourself and take stock of what’s really important. My trip to the beach helped me relax and remember what the holidays are really all about. And hey, if my Christmas cards don’t go out on the exact day I wanted, then it’s not really the end of the world! For my sunset stroll, I opted for my favorite pair of white FRAME jeans and a cozy oatmeal sweater from Vince. I don’t really subscribe to that no white after Labor Day rule…just call me a rebel! I think winter white outfits can be so chic and a breath of fresh air in a sea of dark outfits. I also love this sweater because it’s the perfect weight to combat the chills from the ocean breeze, but the ladder-stitching keeps it breathable. The cashmere blend is super soft, and I love that I can wear it both in Florida and New York! I had such an amazing trip and am grateful I could carve out time for a personal escape to the beach. I can’t wait to visit again over the holidays!
What about you dolls? Do you have a place that brings you comfort and peace?


Hazel Cashmere Sweater: Vince.  Winter White Jeans: FRAME.  Hamptons Sandal: Jack Rogers.