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Travel Diary: Amsterdam












Sometimes a city just speaks to you. For Jason, it was when he visited London for the first time. He felt like it was HIS city. I love traveling, experiencing different cultures and enjoying the sights, sounds and food – but there are very few times when I’ve truly fallen in love with a city. Well…on my recent trip, I absolutely fell in love with Amsterdam. The people, the fashion, the architecture – I felt like it was MY city. A quainter New York, where everyone was hip, the fashion was envy-inducing and the people had ease and charm that was refreshing to say the least.


One of the details that made my trip so incredible was my stay at The Dylan Hotel. The Dylan, a luxury boutique hotel, is located directly one of the city’s most gorgeous canals. Because of it’s size – the hotel has an attention to detail that I found unparalleled. It had a Michelin star restaurant on the property, which I confess I never actually made it to. However, I did enjoy the lounge, the brasserie, and the incredible courtyard. When the hotel discovered that we were visiting, they actually treated us to a “High Wine” experience which was their take on a high tea meets wine tasting. Our room – extremely large by European standards – had all the comforts of home (comfy bed, Bose speakers, espresso machine) plus more. I took a relaxing bath in the oversized tub every single night! Like I mentioned, it was the service and the attention to detail that really made the Dylan special. For instance, they would send warm chocolate cookies to the room before bed. I was in heaven!


Besides the hotel being spectacular, I really enjoyed the neighborhood. It was located in the trendy “nine streets” district that reminded me of a West Village vibe. I loved popping in and out of boutiques, cafes, and bakeries as we strolled along the canals. The only caution is to look out for bikes, because they are literally EVERYWHERE. And because we spent our days walking up and down the city, I made sure to pack comfortable walking shoes, my favorite Spanx leather leggings, lots of layers for breezy and rainy weather, and block heels for going out at night! Stilletos and cobblestones aren’t an ideal mix!


When I go to a city I love to explore the neighborhoods and just soak in the culture. But one of my absolute musts in a new city is to visit some museums! In Amsterdam we made sure to visit the Rijkmuseum and also the Modern Contemporary Museum (or Moco Museum if you’re googling), where we saw the Banksy and Dali exhibit. In all honesty, I wish we would’ve gone to the Van Gogh Museum – but time didn’t allow. I find there’s a delicate balance between making plans and feeling free to wander. And wander we did! All in all our trip was amazing and Amsterdam definitely has a newfound place in my memories and heart. I can’t wait until our next visit!


What about you dolls? Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If so, what was your favorite part?


Thank you to The Dylan Hotel for partnering on this post!