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Savvy Southern Style vs. Street Style Chic

Savvy Southern Style
Street Style Chic


So I’m only a couple months into reclaiming my “Atlantan” status, but I think the move has already had an impact on my style. In New York, I rocked Street Style Chic and my shoes were focused on comfort for the mile-long walk to work.  Now, I’m adopting what I like to call my Savvy Southern Style. This means going back to my heels EVERY DAY, because my walk is simply home to parking garage to office and back again (trading the A-Train for the HOV lane!).
I find my outfits are more put together at home, because I’m less worried about getting messed up in transit. The biggest change I’ve seen? I’m returning back to my colorful roots!

Savvy Southern Style

Savvy Southern Style is all about color, volume, polish…and above all a playful attitude. No one can rock pearls, a blowout and a sundress better than my Southern ladies, am I right? But there’s something to be said for the New York state of mind and a level of chicness and edge that my ladies up North bring to the table.


What are some of the differences?

Savvy Southern Style Dresses
Street Style Chic Jeans

Dresses vs. Jeans

I think my go-to look in New York was a pair of ripped or embroidered jeans and a blouse or t-shirt/blazer combo. Now I’m experimenting with more playful looks like bright dresses and full skirts.  Still, sometimes I do both like this, combining an edgier jacket with a flowy black ruffled southern dress.


Savvy Southern Style Stilettos
Street Style Chic Sneakers


Before, I’d rock trendy sneakers and chunky heels to keep me looking cute for the commute through the workday. Now, I’m all about my stilettos and lush fabrics that I don’t have to fear about being ruined by the elements.


Savvy Southern Style Outerwear
Street Style Chic Outerwear


Fall/Winter hasn’t hit yet, but now that I’m down South I’m pretty sure I’ll be ditching my Canada Goose for more practical (and less expensive) topcoats and lighter jackets. I can’t wait to wear my Rag & Bone coat more this year, but maybe also grab some new colorful coats, perhaps a shade of bubblegum or mustard – this one’s only $30 btw!



In New York my nails would consistently be a black, navy, or white and I’d rock a muted rose lip. Now? I’m rocking pink nails and exploiting my bff who works at Tom Ford to get me every shade of lipstick under the sun!
So where am I on the Savvy Southern Style – Street Style Chic spectrum? I’m still finding my place somewhere in between, but I’ve definitely noticed a change in what I reach for in my closet. I hope you dolls continue to follow along as I explore what this new stage means for my wardrobe!

Hey Dolls! Describe your personal style in the comments below! XO,LA