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Top 3 Nail Art Trends


If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I’m all about my nails…especially nail art! While the trends have come along way from the painted flower on our big toes (I totally got this in middle school), the love and artistry is still there! I tend to lean towards more conservative nail art, but so many followers have reached out about my colors and styles of choice. Here’s what’s hot on my radar on the nail front:
Negative space: this trend seems ultra minimal and gives a geometric twist to any design. Plus, the negative space makes it less apparent when your actual nail starts to grow out. Gel manicures rejoice!
A stunning stud: An easy gateway into nail art is a gold or rhinestone stud on your color of choice. I love a gold stud on white or a candy colored shade. It’s simple, but adds a touch of personality and glam to an otherwise ordinary manicure.
Foil: When I was in New York, a foil manicure was all the rage. Cover your entire nail, incorporate negative space, or do a combo with your fav color. This futuristic and shiny look is a modern cool girl’s must- have!









I’m not very adventurous with my nails. You’ll usually find with me short, square-shaped nails, simply painted in black, white, navy or grey.


I think it works for me, so I don’t usually stray from the norm. BUT, over the past couple of years, I’ve been seeing nail art re-emerge on the scene, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t peak my interest. Unfortunately, I think my nails are just too short and fragile for nail art to really shine.


That’s all changed since I’ve discovered Paintbox!


I’ve been seeing their funky, yet minimalist nail art all over my Instagram, and I’m OBSESSED! Recently I made a visit to the Soho studio (my second visit), and I fell in love all over again.
First of all, the studio has a boutique vibe, and you really have to make an appointment to be seen. The space is modern and feminine with powder pink walls and navy and gold accents. The artists take their time, and the menu of design options and colors is very well curated.


The last time I visited, I opted for a bordeaux nail with gold foil layered on top. I have a sick obsession with gold foil, so it really took everything in me to get a different type of design this go-around. But I can say that I’m happy I did. This time, I went for a more geometric design, incorporating negative space. I just think the designs Paintbox offers are cool, modern, yet clean and simple enough for you still feel professional. I also love that Paintbox offers its designs with gel polish, so you can really have the benefit of your design lasting a bit longer.


In all honesty, the price tag is a little bit on the spendy side, so it isn’t the type of place for a weekly manicure (in my personal opinion). BUT I definitely think it’s wonderful for a treat or a special occasion. Now that my nails look fabulous – birthday here I come!