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An Unexpected Holiday Dress




To me the holiday season means family, friends, giving, and fabulous parties! And what do holiday parties mean? Festive fashion of course! This time of year usually calls for velvet, red, gold and sequins. However, sometimes I like to be a little more unexpected with my fashion choices in and around the holidays.


While those trends are always classic and beautiful, this year I opted for something a little more playful. Some of you might have seen me wear this flirty Monique Lhuillier cocktail dress for the Spanx fashion show earlier in the year. However, I thought the recent festivities called for me to bring it out of the closet again and throw on an edgy leather jacket to boot. Of course, I didn’t throw out tradition entirely, as I added a holiday touch with my red velvet slingbacks that I got in Amsterdam! I feel the pop of red and texture inspires feelings of customary holiday-attire but the primary color palette, polka dots and leather brings a fresh perspective to this time of year. All of this to say… don’t feel like you have to go hunting for the perfect red sparkly cocktail dress this season – maybe just add a touch of holiday to something you already own. Or, if you do find that perfect holiday outfit – go for it! But make sure it’s something you’ll want to wear more than once a year.


Well, all of this talk about holiday parties has me in the mood for some spiked cider! I’m going to enjoy the day and join in on the festivities. Have a great weekend dolls! xo
Leather Jacket: Iro.  Dress: Anthropologie.  Shoes: Mango.  Bag: Chanel.

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Top Box Bags for Fall




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Have you ever fallen into a trend that you didn’t know was a trend? OR have you purchased something you just liked/thought was cool and all of a sudden it’s everywhere? Well this happened to me recently when I picked up my cream and black box bag at a second hand boutique in Dublin. I saw the small bag tucked in the very back of a glass case, and I thought the silhouette was interesting enough for me to add to my collection. Well, little did I know that box bags would be everywhere weeks later! I know the trend picked up steam earlier in the year, but I think that the box bag really makes a statement in the Fall season! The shapes, colors, and textures really pop against blazers, coats, and more structured silhouettes.
Don’t have a box bag yet? Don’t fret! I did a roundup of my favorite picks at a variety of price points!
Click the choices above and let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!


Not Paris, Not Dior





If you’re reading this, then I’m assuming you read my latest post, which was a travel diary on my recent trip to Amsterdam! I talked about the food, my hotel, and my overall impressions of the city which stole my heart. BUT, one thing I left out was what I bought on my strolls through the city and its shops.
Well, even though I fell in love with the boutique shopping, I actually got a couple of things from stores that you can visit (or order from) right here in the states! One such store is Mango. Admittedly, when I lived in New York, I often passed it by, instead bee-lining for Zara. But this time, I found something in Mango that caught my eyes right away, and I knew I had to have it.
Have you dolls seen the latest Dior collection? There’s a pair of velvet shoes with ribbon detailing that are beyond gorgeous! Unfortunately, they’re also on the pricey side. If you haven’t seen them – you can click HERE. Anyway, I’ve loved these shoes from afar but thought I had to pass on them until I saw a dupe at Mango! The red velvet looked luxe and the ribbon detailing was just the something special that caught my eye with the Dior pair. Sure, they’re not Dior – but I think they’re beautiful regardless. While I was at Mango, I decided to pick up a cream pinstriped skirt to go with my new shoes. I figured I wear them together with a tight black sweater or turtleneck bodysuit and long black coat in the colder months. In my opinion, very French! I also see myself dressing the shoes down with a pair of ripped jeans and a collared shirt to add some flair to a workday outfit. BUT, speaking of French – on this occasion, I wore my outfit to an anniversary lunch with Jason at Bistro Niko, one of Atlanta’s best French restaurants. We sipped champagne, toasted to love, and between the outfit and the escargot, I thought I was back in Paris! Ok, so I’m not in Paris… but sometimes a fake can do the trick!
Leather Jacket: Iro (on sale).  Sweater: J.Crew (old). Pinstripe Skirt: Mango (under £50).  Velvet Slingback Shoes: Mango. Bag: Aspinal of London. Sunglasses: Dior.