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All Dolled Up







I’m a lover of handbags, for sure. But one thing I can’t stand is when all of my goodies are rolling around loose in my beautiful bag. First of all, things are much harder to find that way. Secondly, I’m terrified that a lid of some cosmetic item will pop off, and the product will spill on the inside of my bag. It’s honestly what nightmares are made of.


To avoid all that, I always keep my cosmetic goodies safe in a cute pouch. I rotate a few, including my Pamela Barksy pouches that are cute, affordable and have some personality. I’m obsessed with these sassy zip-up bags and always find cute new sayings to add to my collection.


Another brand I love is Cuyana. I’m a huge fan of their classic tote (my everyday work bag) and the cosmetic cases are equally as functional and beautiful. The pearl grey color is my absolute favorite. It’s feminine and classic, and looks great with the gold monogram. These are also a great gift!


Inside my cosmetic case, I usually just keep my everyday essentials and what I need for quick makeup touch-ups at work. Hand treatments (I’m an old lady, I know), makeup, and a travel-sized perfume are the go-to’s in my arsenal. But my favorite is my rainbow of lipsticks I keep handy. I think a lipstick change is an easy way to take an outfit from work to evening, so I keep a variety of colors in my pouch. Check back next week to see a few of my new favorites!


Cosmetic Pouches: Pamela Barsky.  My other favorite cosmetic case: Cuyana.