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Trend Alert – Layered Necklaces


Trends come and go. Some are for me, while others I just let pass. For instance, tiny sunglasses – I’ve worn a pair here or there, but I haven’t truly invested in this trend. On the other hand, a trend I’m totally in love with is layered necklaces! For one, you can get on-board with items you already have in your possession! No need to go out and spend to make this style a reality.


So what are some items to consider when going for the layered necklace look? Materials and length! Let’s start with materials. While mixing metals can be fun, too many can look cluttered and unintentional. I suggest sticking with one, such as gold, which is classic and modern. To add variety, you can mix up different textures – perhaps a chain, perhaps one is smooth, maybe one is made of paillettes. There are so many options to play with.


Next up is length! If all of your necklaces fall at the same place, then it looks like a jumbled mess. Instead, try varying lengths that show off the uniqueness of each necklace. For me, I usually like to wear a choker, then something that falls right at the base of my neck, then a chain that lies flat on my chest. You can see the beauty of each piece and the layering effect really comes to life!


And there you have it… Do you dolls like to layer necklaces? Share your favorite with me and see the necklaces I love at the links below!


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