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A Colorful Fall With J.Crew

I love J.Crew. Always have, and I think I always will. They have always had really great classic pieces, fun accessories and definitely don’t shy away from color or fun prints. They’re my first stop for cashmere sweaters, blazers and sensible (but never stuffy) shoes. In addition to the youthful and preppy styles, the quality is also a major selling point for me. I find that I can keep my J.Crew items (such as my cashmere collection) for years, and they truly stand the test of time.
Having lived in New York for a couple of years now, I’ve seen my wardrobe slowly start to become more dark and monotone. The stereotype is true… New Yorkers love black! But while I might live in new York, I’m still a Southern girl at heart. This season I wanted to get some new pieces that bring color back to Fall! I loved this candy-colored striped sweater that was bright, yet not overpowering. I feel like I can pair this with jeans, cropped pants, or even a full skirt for a playful look. To pump up the color volume even more, I opted for a bright azalea-colored blazer, or as J.Crew likes to call this color, “Wild Flamingo.” Side note… wouldn’t it be a great job to come up with the names for J.Crew colors? Where can I apply? Ok, back to reality. I finished my look with a quintessential J.Crew statement necklace and my favorite silver pumps. Seriously, these are my favorite. Just ask anyone in my office.
This outfit reminds me that I can still be playful and appropriate with my work-wear. And isn’t having fun what fashion’s all about?
Wild Flamingo Rhodes Blazer: J.Crew. Rainbow Stripe Sweater: J.Crew.  Billie Denim-Boot Crop Jeans: J.Crew.  Everly Mirror Metallic Pumps: J.Crew.  Lucite Link Necklace: J.Crew.