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Date Night Hair


Happy Pre-Friday Dolls! How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day? Jason spoiled me with my favorite gift of shoes (he got shoes too), home cooked meals, and a late-night trip to the movies to see 50 Shades Darker. I was so shocked and appreciative that he actually opted in to seeing a cheesy movie, but we had the absolute best time. Plus I’m all about that white-cherry icee life.
Since we started our relationship as long distance, date nights have always been really special to us. Even now, with working such busy schedules it’s nice to put aside time to do something special together. Most days, I’m in a casual dress with low-key makeup and hair going wild with a mind of it’s own. But for date night…I try to turn up the glam and put a little more time into my wardrobe and beauty regime. Enter my not-so-secret hair weapon, the Sapphire Curling Wand from Irresistible Me. I know I posted about this last week (see it here), but I wanted to share the photos of my hair curled to perfection.
I will admit, it takes a minute to get used to the wand technique – having been a traditional curling iron girl for so long. But since I’ve gotten the hang of it, the wand has become my hair’s new best friend. It comes with a heat-resistant glove to protect you from burns, which I love. My mom says I’m accident prone, so this is a big plus for me! My favorite thing about the wand is the variety of attachments that help you achieve different types of curls. Not to mention the sleek design, beautiful packaging, travel case, AND the auto-shut-off feature…I’m in love. So I used the wand for a recent date with Jason and had my tresses curled to perfection, which was the perfect accessory to my navy and black Zimmermann jumpsuit and new Iro leather jacket. The curls lasted for days and stayed frizz-free. The best part? My polished hair made me feel super confident and sexy for our special date. And in the end, isn’t confidence the key to any look?


Curling Wand: Irresistible Me.  Area Leather Jacket: Iro Sold Out (Similar).  Halter Lace Silk Jumpsuit: Zimmermann.  Nudist Goosebump Sandals: Stuart Weitzman.  Bag: Chanel.


Thank you to Irresistible Me for partnering on this post.


Irresistible Me


First of all, I’d like to say thanks to all my of my amazing followers and readers! Thank you so much for following along on this blogging journey with me! Since I’ve started less than a year ago, one of the consistent topics I get questions and comments on is my hair. I’ve got a lot of it! My usual style consists of blowing it dry smooth and adding a bit of a wave or curl at the end. But what many of you don’t know is that my hair is extremely curly naturally! So it takes quite a bit of effort, product, and tools to get it the way I want it every day.


Well, one of my new favorite tools that I’ve been using consistently is the Sapphire curling wand, courtesy of Irresistible Me Hair. This wand comes with 8 different barrel attachments that can be interchanged depending upon which type of curl I’m going for.


First of all, when I got my wand in the mail it was gorgeously packaged and came with in a functional (and stylish) leather carrying case. Also included was a heat resistant glove, stand, the 8 barrels, and the wand itself with an auto-shut off feature and a locking mechanism to make sure the barrel of your choice stays in place. Overall, I’ve been really impressed with the design and versatility of my new tool… but I haven’t gotten to the best part – my hair! My hair is smooth, not frizzy and the curls actually hold. Plus, I love that the different attachments help me achieve different styles from tighter ringlets to my signature wavy, mermaid locks. I haven’t tried all 8 barrels yet, but I’m excited about experiencing them all. Now that I’ve introduced you to my not-so-secret hair weapon, check back next week to see how my hair turned out, as I do date-night hair for Valentine’s Day!


Curling Wand: Irresistible Me.


Thank you to Irresistible Me for partnering on this post.