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Borrowed From The Boys





As you guys know, I’ve recently returned from a trip to Dublin and Amsterdam. What an amazing time!
Before I go on any trip, I tend to write down my ideas for outfits to ensure that I don’t under or overpack. You guys have seen how freakishly organized I am about my outfits, so packing for a trip is no exception. I list out my ideas and it gets me to a good starting point where I can edit outfits as necessary. For example, I see how many times I can wear a pair of jeans – do I need two? Am I only wearing a top once? Maybe I nix it…. You get the idea!


After looking over my list, I came to two conclusions – my outfits were all in the black and navy family, AND I desperately needed a pair of everyday shoes for walking around the cities. Now that I’m in Atlanta, I have the ability to wear heels to work because I now have access to my car. Comfortable walking shoes have fallen down the priority list since I’ve left New York. So when I was approached by Caterpillar about their comfortable footwear, I was really intrigued. Caterpillar? I thought they only made machinery. Boy was I wrong! My friends there sent me a pair of stylish oxfords, which I thought would pair nicely with my black and navy ensembles. Let me tell you – these are the most comfortable pair of shoes that I’ve ever put on my feet! No lie, no exaggeration. They literally feel like sliding your foot onto a mattress, the sole is so cushioned and comfy! Besides the comfort, I love the shape of a classic oxford, as I think it can bring some “boyish charm” to an outfit. In my case, I decided to the take the look a step further, pairing the oxford with menswear inspired details: pinstriped pants, a newsboy cap, and a boxy leather jacket. I wore this outfit all around Europe, and the shoes were ideal given the long strolls along the Amsterdam canals and the particularly rainy, Irish weather. It’s true what they say…girls just wanna have fun, but sometimes you gotta borrow from the boys!


Thank you to Caterpillar Footwear and AMP3 PR for partnering on this post!