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Valentine’s Day 2019 Lust List


Well, it’s that time again. The holiday of love is upon us! This year, I’m going with the theme of self-love! That could mean devoting more time to self-care, buying yourself with the item you’ve been lusting after (I just did and it’s coming to the blog soon), or simply doing something that makes yourself smile! Here are some of my top picks to treat yourself this V-day! Chocolates and flowers sold separately.


1. Burberry – A pretty accessory to make an outfit feel brand new! A part of Ricardo Tisci’s revamp of Burberry, this new monogram print was revealed in the Fall of 2018. I love the all-caramel color combination that will go beautifully with other neutral shades!


2. Natori – My friends recently asked where I get my everyday underwear and I was so excited to share this pair. I feel like we’re at the age where Victoria’s Secret isn’t desirable anymore…plus who can handle those lines and the crowds in the mall? No thanks! Hanky Panky is a good go-to, but I recently found the Natori Bliss Perfection thong and I’m never turning back.  They are soft, stretchy, seem adult but not dowdy. I can go on and on. I also love that the “nude” comes in a variety of inclusive shades.


3. Maison Louis Marie – I recently smelled this oil on my friend Kelley and it was absolutely intoxicating. The scent is like Le Labo’s sandalwood fragrance, but a little bit more delicate. AND a fraction of the price. I roll this on my wrists and neck before heading out.. and sometimes after my evening shower!


4. Bag All – For me, part of self-care means staying organized. I will absolutely not let my anxiety get the best of me, even when I travel! I love these bags because they can hold everything your little heart desires. I’m talking lingerie, headphones, dirty laundry, shoes…you name it. Plus, you can personalize them to fit your needs or give as an adorable gift!


5. BaubleBar – Because we all love a little sparkle every now and then! I’m obsessed with these chunky and colorful rings. I can’t decide between the rainbow and the peach, but I feel like I’ll have to snag one of these soon.


6. Gucci – For me, Wearing heels every day to work is getting old very fast! On days I want to show my feet some love, I slip them into some comfy, yet stylish loafers. Your feet will thank you, but you’ll still look put together enough to hit the board room. On off days, slip them on with a pair of ripped jeans and a cashmere sweater. I have the black, but I’m currently lusting after the pale pink. They will be perfect for Spring. And in case you saw my Instagram and love the gold/mink pair I shared, I’ve linked those too!