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As I get older, my opinion of what I find sexy continues to evolve. A couple of years ago, it was probably cut-out dresses, low-cut tops, and a sky-high heel. Don’t get me wrong… I’m still a fan of the sky-high heel, and I probably always will be! However, as my tastes evolve, the bandage skirts have disappeared, the haltar tops tossed aside, and cut-outs banished to the back of my closet.


Enter this Agnona number. With a tight fit, longer hem, and bubblegum shade – this is my definition of sexy today. In this dress, I feel like Cookie Lyon meets Claire Underwood. Think I could handle the presidency? Throw in some structured accessories like my go-to Prada bag and cat-eye Dior sunglasses, and I feel glamorous and powerful. I also love the striking and girly shade of pink. Of course, I styled my look with a pair of studded, nude Christian Louboutins. When I saw these at Bergdorfs, they looked edgy, but not over the top. I decided to make these my “treat yo self” birthday gift. Notice the sky-high heel…some habits die hard.


Do you have a favorite silhouette that makes you feel confident and sexy?


Dress: Agnona. Shoes: Christian Louboutin (Sold Out).  Bag: Prada.  Sunglasses: Dior.


Spring Scarves











I’ve always thought that a scarf adds instant elegance to an outfit. I personally wear scarves draped over my shoulders to add color or a hint of an interesting print to an otherwise muted look.


I only have a couple, but the scarves I own are very near and dear to my heart. My first, a beautiful and classy Hermès, was a thoughtful gift, with the print paying homage to my Indian heritage. My other go-to was purchased by my husband at the very first Prada store in the world, located in Milan. He spoils me, and I love it!


Top & Bottom: Agnona & Agnona.  Scarf: Hermès.  Shoes: Valentino.  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban.