That 70’s Style




You ever play that game with your friends where you ask about “favorites” to the extreme? Like… “if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would be it be?” Pizza, duh! Well, my friends and I do that in the context of clothes. If you could only wear one brand the entire season, what would it be? Surprisingly, more seasons than not I have the same answer – Tibi. I think their clothes are feminine, yet modern. Trendy, but not over the top.
Before I left for Amsterdam earlier this season, I spotted this Tibi top and knew I had to have it. Of course, navy is one of my favorite colors to wear, so I immediately gravitated towards the deep blue hue hanging on the rack.
Details that I love include elastic cuffs, a rose gold zipper down the back and of course, the cutout shoulder that’s just the right amount of sexy. So far, I’ve worn the top with ripped jeans, black pants, and my favorite– striped, flare trousers. I love these pants, because the stretch fabric and vertical stripes make them flattering for all shapes.
To finish off my look, I opted for an old Houndstooth clutch to add a touch of Fall and greater dimension to my look. Who says you can’t mix patterns?! Finally, I felt the 70’s inspired flare pants needed vintage looking round shades, complements of Gucci. What do you dolls think of the final look? Like the 70’s style.
Cutout Shoulder Top: Tibi.  Pinstripe Flare Leg Pants: Derek Lam 10 Crosby.  Nudist Heel: Stuart Weitzman (Sold Out, similar).  Round Frame Sunglasses: Gucci.  Houndstooth Clutch: Topshop (Sold Out).


Luscious Lashes with Vegalash


Luscious lashes can be one of the most underrated beauty features. We all know long and thick lashes are a good thing, but don’t realize how much they really add dimension to our faces.


Over the years I’ve fancied myself a lipstick gal – that’s my one MUST HAVE beauty item I can’t live without. If I’m on a desert island and I had to pick one piece of makeup, I would’ve picked my lipstick. However, in recent years I’ve seen that slowly change to mascara. I wake up later and later for work, need to get out the door quickly and my minimal beauty routine exists of foundation, mascara and highlighter. Why? Because I’ve come around to the fact that I care more about full and dark lashes than a face full of blush or lipstick.


Enter vegaLASH – a cruelty-free vegan product line aimed at making your lashes become their best selves. Achieving longer, fuller lashes without extensions or falsies may seem too good to be true, but I’m here to say it’s not impossible. I’ve heard of lash serums before, but was hesitant about putting those chemicals close to my eyes. BUT – vegaLASH is gentle and didn’t irritate me, even as an everyday contact wearer. On their site, vegaLASH boasts “This hormone-free, latex-free, hypoallergenic serum is comprised of a natural, vegan formula for safe and effective results and is gentle enough for sensitive eyes.” I must agree. Ok, so I felt comfortable enough to try the product…now let’s talk about the results. I used the vegaLASH serum for a couple of weeks and was impressed by my lashes looking longer, but also more voluminous. In addition to the serum, vegaLASH also sent me a volumizing mascara and makeup remover. I love the mascara because the shape of the brush results in uber black lengthy lashes that don’t clump together. Last but not least the makeup remover actually entices me to take off my makeup before hastily scrubbing it in the shower, because the formula is so light, gentle, and fragrance-free. What I love most is that my face feels refreshed and it doesn’t leave behind an oily or unnatural residue. I’m such a fan of the makeup remover, I plan to order more when my stock is up!


Overall, I really liked the vegaLASH suite of products – especially since they are vegan and cruelty-free. If you’re looking for a new beauty buy to try, I recommend giving these products a go! Your lashes will thank you! xo


Thank you to vegaLASH for sponsoring this post!

Lust List

5 Coats You Need This Season

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Coats are one of my favorite things about the Fall/Winter season. But they can be tricky…you want something that is special, but still versatile enough to go with many outfits in your wardrobe. It’s a delicate balance. Well never fear, as a self-proclaimed outwear expert – I’ve got my favorite picks for the season. Note, these aren’t extreme weather coats. If you need that, just get a Canada Goose. Believe me, it will pay for itself. Mine basically kept this Floridian alive in New York winters. But I digress, the below will keep you looking styling AND warm as the weather starts to transition.
Iro Leather Jacket: A lighter option that I can’t live without. I literally wear my jacket almost every single day and the leather just gets better and more cozy with each wear. As the weather gets colder I’ll start to layer my scarves over it, and even my faur fur stole.
Zara Topcoat: My favorite new Fall purchase so far! I love the modern pop of yellow in this menswear inspired wool coat. You can see me wearing it HERE and I also love THIS ONE. Wear this over black, cream, red, jewel tones – the opportunities are endless.
Rag & Bone Duchess Coat: This olive Rag & Bone coat is for the badass in all of us. All of their coats fit perfectly, and instantly make you feel like you’re strolling through Brooklyn or about to be a villain in the best way possible. I got THIS Rag & Bone coat last year and I can’t wait until it’s cold enough to wear it again. Plus, all of their detailing is perfect – I especially love the asymmetrical double pocket. Lastly, the color is neutral but still special and you’ll want to throw this on over everything.
Zara Bordeaux Oversized Coat: The color of this coat just looks so expensive to me! I love the deep burgundy and it pairs so well with neutrals and brights (ex. The model’s tomato-colored turtleneck) Plus, the length is just perfect!
J.Crew Parke Topcoat: A red coat is one of my favorite cold-weather looks, and this one is no exception. This ladylike coat from Jcrew is the perfect shade of cranberry and instantly adds polish to your outfit. I’ve purchased Jcrew coats in the past and they last year after year. I also love the pink of this particular style, but if you don’t have a red coat – spring for the “Dark Cognac.”