Lust List


So this Spring a big trend that has popped um seemingly overnight is that of the neckerchief! It could be a silk scarf, it could be a bandana, it could be a variety of shapes and worn in different ways. Now I’m a huge silk scarf fan, but the ones I have are a bit larger than some on the market recently.


So, I picked up a new silk, square scarf from J.Crew (seen below) and I’ve been tying it as a bandana, as a choker, and even around my purse for a pop of color. The opportunities are endless for ways to tie – and if you’re like me (kinda clueless on how to tie a scarf), then there are some great videos and gifs online giving you step by step instructions!


So I already mentioned that I got the below from J.Crew, but I’ve also rounded up my favorite picks in a variety of colors, shapes and prices.


Have you dolls already hopped on the neckerchief trend this Spring?


1. Ann Taylor Calla Lily Silk (on sale for $29.99!)
2. Club Monaco Sandrella
3. Chanel Silk Twill
4. J.Crew Silk Foulard Print (under $50!)
5. Hermes Balade en Berline


Barbie Sparkle Blast


If you grew up loving fashion, chances are you also played with Barbie. The euphoria of living the life of a princess, with skills and interests galore, a killer wardrobe, a gang of fun friends and a dream car? Sign me up! As a child, Barbie helped me stretch my imagination and allowed me to envision all of the fun possibilities of what Barbie (and I) could do. Not to mention I loved mixing and matching her outfits to create new looks – similar to what I love to do now (hence the name Brown Paper Doll)! Barbie inspired me to embrace what I love, and not apologize for it.


So, when Barbie reached out to do a collaboration for their new iPhone game “Barbie Sparkle Blast,” first I downloaded it immediately, and of course I said yes! Barbie Sparkle Blast is the kind of iPhone game you say you’re going to play over a lunch break, then end up spending all day on it until your battery dies. It’s ADDICTING! And just like the classic Barbie where you can choose different characters, outfits and places to play, this game makes you feel like Barbie 2.0 as you enjoy different cities (obvi New York is my favorite level) and go on (trendy) adventures right on your screen!


Whoever loves Barbie will love this game. I’m such a fan, and it takes me right back to when I was four years old in my room mixing and matching Barbie’s looks for the perfect fantasy outing. Now if only I could get that dreamhouse! Baby steps I guess.


Thank you to Barbie for sponsoring this post.


Fast Fashion vs. Investment Pieces


So… I like nice things. Who doesn’t? But I haven’t always been able to afford the designer duds I so desperately wanted. And to be quite honest, I still can’t get everything I want. While I’d love to be able to walk into a Chanel and buy a bag on the spot, it’s just not my reality. To get my pricey pieces, I plan…I save…and then I make it a reality when the time is right!


One of the skills I learned over the years is how to shop smart. That means planning for investment pieces, but also saving by indulging in fast fashion. What do I mean by fast fashion? I’m referring to the fashionable retailers such as Zara, H&M, and others who offer style, but at an affordable price that won’t break the bank. So, the trick is being discerning about what I choose to spend on, and what I want to save for. For example, special occasion shoes, and classic bags are at the top of my “investment piece” list. If you treat them right, you can have them for years and get a lot of wear out of a pricier item- take that YSL evening bag with the gold chain seen in the photo above. I also don’t mind splurging on classic clothing items that I’ll have in my closet for years to come, or items that require quality fabric and impeccable fit. For example, I just splurged on some classic black tuxedo pants that fit to a T, and I can wear them for events, client meetings, date nights…you name it. The price tag was worth it to me, because I believe in the quality and the fit.


On the other hand, I love adding fun and flexibility to my wardrobe with items that allow me to be less precious about their wear, and I don’t feel guilty about the cost. For instance, take the hot pink velvet clutch also seen in the photo above. It was a spur of the moment Banana Republic buy that didn’t cost an arm and a leg, but allows me to add a pop of color (and a fun fabric) to an outfit. I also indulge in fast fashion pieces such as party dresses, dark jeans (H&M’s are my fav) or trendy items such a ruffled tops or off-the-shoulder dresses. Zara is also great for simple pieces such as black blazers, or the summer’s hottest sandal!


Whatever I’m buying, I always want to feel like my item is worth the price on the tag. Having the flexibility to spend on fun pieces, and save for investment pieces has helped my closet grow in the right direction. And now I’ve got some great classics that will last me for years to come!


What do you dolls think? Do like to splurge on investment pieces, or have fun playing with fast fashion? Or maybe you’re like me, and want a balance. Share your thoughts in the comments below!