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Top 5 White Unisex Sneakers


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Simple white sneakers are having a comeback! And really, they’re chic and fashionable for both men and women. In my mind, there’s nothing more classic than jeans, white sneakers, and a collared shirt or crewneck sweater. Recently, Jason and I both fell in love with the same pair of kicks and we ended up both pulling the trigger on them! A partnership between Comme des Garçons and Converse, they were the perfect combination of fashion meets function. I love to steal his cologne and sweaters, so I guess shoes were just a natural progression! In any case, a pair of clean white sneakers looks great on anyone, no matter the sex, and brands have totally taken notice! So here’s my round-up of the top white unisex sneakers, no matter your price range!


Full Skirts, Can’t Lose


Do you ever find yourself sticking to colors, silhouettes, or just general styles that you feel work best for you?


For me, I feel like it’s a fit and flare dress or a full skirt.  I find it’s the perfect shape to highlight my waist and looks amazing on pear shapes.


When I first started Brown Paper Doll – this look was the very first outfit I shot! I felt it perfectly showcased my style – feminine, but you can totally throw a leather jacket on top.  Well, a year and a half later I’ve upgraded that same look with a new take on some black and white favorites.  For our recent trip to Charleston, I wanted something upscale but not stuffy for dinners and cocktail hour.  I opted for a full skirt (my favorite shape) and an off-the-shoulder blouse that shows some skin, while also letting me feel covered.


While switching it up is what fashion is all about – there’s something to be said for sticking to favorites that you feel work for you.  What about you dolls? Is there a look you turn to over and over again?


Off-The-Shoulder Top: Club Monaco or Club Monaco.  A-Line Skirt: Tibi.  Sunglasses: Elizabeth & James.


Traveling With Jon Hart




2017 saw a lot of changes for me – I grew Brown Paper Doll, changed jobs, and moved cities! In addition to all that change, I also did A LOT of traveling. Jason and I were chatting the other day and reminisced about a period of time that we rarely saw each other. We were both traveling for work and seemed to be passing ships in the night! My trips included Los Angeles, Boston, Rhode Island, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Dublin, Miami, Ohio, Jacksonville and Dallas. What a whirlwind! With all of that travel under my belt, I’m looking forward to an even busier 2018 with commitments for Brown Paper Doll compounding on work travel.


With that said, I really wanted a new luggage set that has me covered wherever I go and for however long I’m staying. I had a carry-on duffle bag, but it really gets taxing to schlep that through airports when the bag gets on the heavy side.


Luckily, Jon Hart design reached out with an opportunity to try a few pieces from their travel collection. Let me just say… I’m obsessed! Jon Hart has been around for over 40 years, making customizable and distinct luggage, gifts, and accessories. Handcrafted right here in the USA, their products are the most amazing quality that you can feel to the touch. From their durable canvas, high-quality leather, and custom monogramming – the products really speak for themselves. Recently, Jon Hart launched a new color, Rose, which is the prettiest shade of pastel pink. And as you dolls know, pink is my favorite color!


I opted for a couple pieces that would surely suit my travel needs – a 360-degree wheeled carry on, an adjustable weekender, a spacious makeup case, and a zippered pouch for odds and ends.

When Jason and I planned our recent trip to Charleston (travel guide coming soon), I knew this was the perfect opportunity to break out my new pastel travel gear. I decided to take all 4 pieces because I knew I would be packing a lot to shoot new looks, and let me tell you…it was so easy to maneuever with the carry on and the weekender! I can see myself just packing one or the other for shorter trips, but the ease and maangeability of both was a pleasant surprise!


Other things I love about Jon Hart Luggage (besides the monogramming) are the amazing materials and functional design. Each piece is lined with JH monogrammed material, and the pockets and compartments are a dream. I packed everything with ease and extra space to boot! Lastly, I’m so happy that I got the smaller pieces as well. The makeup case actually held my makeup and ALL of my toiletries, while the my zippered pouch held jewelry, a folded silk scarf, phone charger and earplugs. If you are in the market for durable and gorgeous travel essentials, I highly recommend Jon Hart. I know I’ve already started browsing additional pieces to add to my collection. Guess that means I need to add some more travel plans to my schedule! Bon Voyage dolls!


Thank you to Jon Hart for sponsoring on this post