I’m so happy to introduce the latest bag to join my collection! My friend Rachel brought this beauty down from New York, and I’m absolutely obsessed.  This purse is one of Dior’s classic styles called the “Diorama”, and it’s similar in style and shape to Chanel’s boy bag. While I already have a Boy bag, this one is obviously differentiated by color and is a slightly smaller silhouette.  I was really drawn to the metallic copper, and the texture is a very durable (and wipeable) surface, so I can be a little less precious with this bag! This is a huge plus for me since the lambskin of my Chanel is so delicate, and suedes can also be high maintenance. While the metallic is definitely eye-catching and unique, I think it’s oddly neutral.  Another thing I love is the polished chain that adds an extra touch of drama and glamour.  You’ll see me wearing this crossbody all Spring/Summer with whites and other neutrals!

Diorama Collection Page


My Lipstick Shades


Back in 2016 when I first started my blog, I shared a post about my favorite lipstick shades of the moment. Some of those are still my favorites (so you should read that post), but I thought I would share some new shades that I’ve been wearing lately.

  1. Stila “Patina” – I pretty much use the color every day as my base. I love to use it alone as a long-lasting liquid lip. However, the pinkish nude is also perfect for layering glosses over. I’ve been using this color for years, and it’s probably my favorite of all time.
  2. Charlotte Tilbury “Pillow Talk” – I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury makeup for so many reasons, including the show-stopping rose gold packaging. I feel so glamourous pulling this gorgeous metallic tube of lipstick out of my bag. Pillow talk is my favorite shade, which I usually layer over “Patina” to give my lips a lighter finish.
  3. Tom Ford “Velvet Cherry” – A deeper red that looks sophisticated for work or evening.
  4. NARS  “Do Me Baby” Crayon – A matte lip pencil that goes on so smooth and packs a punch of color. In addition to loving the scandalous name, I’m obsessed with the chestnut rose color that is flattering on all skin tones.
  5. NARS “Neutral Rose” Velvet Lip Glide – For when I’m feeling glossy, this color blends nicely with all pinkish/nude shades. And it’s not sticky!

A Warm Winter


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and spend time with family and friends! I personally had an amazing time, because my brother visited from Ireland, so I got to spend time with my full family as well as Jason’s.  Although, it was a little bit hectic driving all over the South to make sure we saw everyone.  Part of that travel included going home to Florida, which had very different weather from Atlanta. I ditched my heavy coats to enjoy the warm and comfortable weather in the sunshine state! 

When packing my bags, I reached for some of my favorite Bl-nk pieces for my trip home. If you haven’t heard of this label before, they are a London-based brand with a uniquely bohemian luxe aesthetic! I love their pieces because they are easy and breezy with an effortlessly cool look about them.  Luckily, my pieces suited the weather perfectly with their long sleeves, yet light fabrics. I can see myself wearing these from season to season, throwing a leather jacket over my shoulders for chillier months, then with strappy sandals for the Summer.  I got my pieces direct from the brand, but you can shop my favorites (amongst other amazing pieces) at Anthropologie! I’ve already got my eye on a couple of new items for Spring!

Top: Bl-nk. Dress: Bl-nk.