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Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag

So if you’ve been following along with me on Instagram (@laurnashley), then you probably saw that I celebrated my birthday a couple weeks ago.
I headed to New York City and the Hamptons to spend time with my friends and enjoy some sun, sand, and LOTS of frozé! Because I wasn’t at home for my actual birthday, Jason and I celebrated early while I was still in Atlanta. Initially I really wanted a new bag, because….who doesn’t want a new fancy bag for the season? But, in recent years my taste in purses has gone on the pricy side and I splurged a little too much last year. In 2016 I got my Chloe, my Saint Laurent, and the big mama of all purses…my Chanel.
With all those big buys, I had to realize that I’m not Oprah and need to cool it on the expensive purse front! So while there are many bags that I have my eye on – I had resolved to hold off until Christmas or even next year. Being the amazing hubby he is, Jason decided to pick me up a birthday treat that he had seen on one of my recent Lust Lists: the Dior Twilly!
While I had originally planned on wearing it to work under a collared shirt, I remembered loving how I saw it wrapped around the handle of a handbag. Upon opening my gift, I immediately marched down to Dior and had them tie it around the handle of my Saint Laurent. I asked the associate if it was a faux-pas to have it wrapped around a different designer’s bag and she said not at all – people do it all the time! I have to say, I’m absolutely in love with the way it looks. I think it adds even more style and sophistication to an already classic and ladylike bag. The moral of the story is that I feel like with this small addition, my bag has been totally transformed! I feel like it’s a BRAND NEW bag and I’m even more excited to wear it with new outfits. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity or a different perspective to make something old feel new again. Love the look of a scarf tied around a bag? Check out this post featuring my fav scarves at a variety of prices!


With A Bow On Top


Hey Dolls –


I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Thanks again for bearing with me as Jason and I have been getting settled into our new home. But now – it’s time to get back into the swing of things with the blog. It’s so funny…my first week in Atlanta, and I was still wearing all black and burning to death in my leather jacket. I quickly realized that I needed to switch up my go-to’s in my wardrobe . That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll abandon my black ripped jeans and t-shirts (that’s what I’m wearing today), but I definitely see my style and wardrobe choices updating slightly. Stay tuned to see how this plays out further!


Well, before I left New York, I got the chance to shoot one of my new favorite Spring/Summer tops from StyleWe. You might remember I rocked this dress in Miami, but I was saving the top for warmer weather in NYC. I love StyleWe, because they have some great fun styles that won’t break the bank. This top really spoke to me because I love the flirty and girly design (give me bows all day!!!), but combines menswear details such as classic 3/4 sleeves and a pin-stripe pattern. I opted for navy (it also comes in light blue), because I thought it would be killer with some white ripped jeans for the summer. For this look, I paired the top with studded L’Agence jeans (these are incredible) and a simple nude heel. The top’s fabric is super soft and comfortable, so I see myself rocking this one on repeat. With the stress of the move, Jason and I haven’t really had the chance to go out and re-explore the city. BUT, with the long weekend coming up, we’re really excited to hit the town, and I think I’ll be re-wearing this exact look!


Pinstripe Bow Top: StyleWe. Studded High-Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans: L’Agence. Nudist Goosebump Sandals: Stuart Weitzman. Bag: Saint Laurent.


Thank you StyleWe for partnering on this post!


Fast Fashion vs. Investment Pieces


So… I like nice things. Who doesn’t? But I haven’t always been able to afford the designer duds I so desperately wanted. And to be quite honest, I still can’t get everything I want. While I’d love to be able to walk into a Chanel and buy a bag on the spot, it’s just not my reality. To get my pricey pieces, I plan…I save…and then I make it a reality when the time is right!


One of the skills I learned over the years is how to shop smart. That means planning for investment pieces, but also saving by indulging in fast fashion. What do I mean by fast fashion? I’m referring to the fashionable retailers such as Zara, H&M, and others who offer style, but at an affordable price that won’t break the bank. So, the trick is being discerning about what I choose to spend on, and what I want to save for. For example, special occasion shoes, and classic bags are at the top of my “investment piece” list. If you treat them right, you can have them for years and get a lot of wear out of a pricier item- take that YSL evening bag with the gold chain seen in the photo above. I also don’t mind splurging on classic clothing items that I’ll have in my closet for years to come, or items that require quality fabric and impeccable fit. For example, I just splurged on some classic black tuxedo pants that fit to a T, and I can wear them for events, client meetings, date nights…you name it. The price tag was worth it to me, because I believe in the quality and the fit.


On the other hand, I love adding fun and flexibility to my wardrobe with items that allow me to be less precious about their wear, and I don’t feel guilty about the cost. For instance, take the hot pink velvet clutch also seen in the photo above. It was a spur of the moment Banana Republic buy that didn’t cost an arm and a leg, but allows me to add a pop of color (and a fun fabric) to an outfit. I also indulge in fast fashion pieces such as party dresses, dark jeans (H&M’s are my fav) or trendy items such a ruffled tops or off-the-shoulder dresses. Zara is also great for simple pieces such as black blazers, or the summer’s hottest sandal!


Whatever I’m buying, I always want to feel like my item is worth the price on the tag. Having the flexibility to spend on fun pieces, and save for investment pieces has helped my closet grow in the right direction. And now I’ve got some great classics that will last me for years to come!


What do you dolls think? Do like to splurge on investment pieces, or have fun playing with fast fashion? Or maybe you’re like me, and want a balance. Share your thoughts in the comments below!