It’s A Girl!


Jason and I are so thrilled to announce that we’re expecting a little baby girl! Words can’t describe how excited (and a little terrified) I am to have a little version of me running around. At least I know she will one-day appreciate my extensive purse collection! In all seriousness, I had a feeling it was going to be a girl based on the intense morning sickness and my fair share of aches and pains early-on. Don’t they say that girls tend to be more difficult pregnancies? I know it’s all worth it, and Jason and I are counting down the weeks until we meet our little girl.  In the meantime, I’m trying to savor the moment, especially with all of the wonderful help from MY mom.  She’s such an amazing girl mom, and I can’t wait to see her spend time and pass on her strength and wisdom to our little one.  

I keep thinking of all the times when I was difficult in my teens and my mom said “Just wait, one day you’re going to have a daughter just like you.” I guess we’ll see if she’s right! Another hunch it was going to be a girl was the fact that Jason has just always seemed like a total girl-dad to me. What a mush! Before December, I’m trying to coordinate a white-nursery (too much pink isn’t my vibe) and create a new guest space in the house. Of course, the fun part has been creating our registry and picking out outfits. A special moment for me was visiting the baby store in Jacksonville, FL where my parents bought my baby clothes. Of course, my mom kept many of my baby things, but it was so nice to pick out a couple of outfits at the same boutique, just for Baby O!We haven’t decided on a name yet (we have a front-runner we’re still testing out), but I’ll keep all of you updated as things progress! In the meantime, have a glass of champagne for me and the baby!


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