Not Paris, Not Dior





If you’re reading this, then I’m assuming you read my latest post, which was a travel diary on my recent trip to Amsterdam! I talked about the food, my hotel, and my overall impressions of the city which stole my heart. BUT, one thing I left out was what I bought on my strolls through the city and its shops.
Well, even though I fell in love with the boutique shopping, I actually got a couple of things from stores that you can visit (or order from) right here in the states! One such store is Mango. Admittedly, when I lived in New York, I often passed it by, instead bee-lining for Zara. But this time, I found something in Mango that caught my eyes right away, and I knew I had to have it.
Have you dolls seen the latest Dior collection? There’s a pair of velvet shoes with ribbon detailing that are beyond gorgeous! Unfortunately, they’re also on the pricey side. If you haven’t seen them – you can click HERE. Anyway, I’ve loved these shoes from afar but thought I had to pass on them until I saw a dupe at Mango! The red velvet looked luxe and the ribbon detailing was just the something special that caught my eye with the Dior pair. Sure, they’re not Dior – but I think they’re beautiful regardless. While I was at Mango, I decided to pick up a cream pinstriped skirt to go with my new shoes. I figured I wear them together with a tight black sweater or turtleneck bodysuit and long black coat in the colder months. In my opinion, very French! I also see myself dressing the shoes down with a pair of ripped jeans and a collared shirt to add some flair to a workday outfit. BUT, speaking of French – on this occasion, I wore my outfit to an anniversary lunch with Jason at Bistro Niko, one of Atlanta’s best French restaurants. We sipped champagne, toasted to love, and between the outfit and the escargot, I thought I was back in Paris! Ok, so I’m not in Paris… but sometimes a fake can do the trick!
Leather Jacket: Iro (on sale).  Sweater: J.Crew (old). Pinstripe Skirt: Mango (under £50).  Velvet Slingback Shoes: Mango. Bag: Aspinal of London. Sunglasses: Dior.


A Look for Less: Making An Outfit Your Own




I think it’s happened to all of us- you walk into a store, see an outfit on the mannequin and want EVERYTHING that makes up the look…head to toe! In today’s age of social media, we also have the perfect outfit images on Pinterest, Instagram, and our favorite bloggers to entice us to recreate an outfit on ourselves.


Personally, it happens to me every time I look at images from Intermix. It’s no longer, “oh that’s a cute sweater.” It’s “I want the sweater, but I also need the perfect jeans, shoes, earrings, and bag to go with it!” It’s a dangerous trap my friends.


Recently this happened to me when I saw one of Intermix’s Summer catalog looks. I loved the jumpsuit, the shoes, the entire spirit captured by the outfit. Well, at the time – the jumpsuit had a bit of a hefty pricetag, and don’t get me started on the shoes. So here was my plan of attack: I sprung for the shoes. I felt like those were the piece that were the most special and would be hard to copy. I’m glad I bought them! They’re the most gorgeous shade of marigold yellow, a luxe velvet that can be worn in the transition from Summer to Fall, and they’re comfortable to boot! Next, I kept my eye out for jumpsuits at a more reasonable price! I was able to find the one pictured at a fraction of the cost at my local Dillards! To finish of my “look for less” I bought a vintage Levi’s jacket on ebay for $25!


So while my look isn’t exactly the picture-perfect style from Intermix, I was able to make the outfit my own and save quite a bit of cash in the process! My advice to those of you looking to imitate the fashion images we’re bombarded with – start with the piece you can’t live without (or that you can’t replicate), and then look for some other options to evoke the same feeling, but that won’t break the bank. Plus, (and this is something I have to remind myself of) there’s ALWAYS another outfit, always another piece you’re going to want. So, splurge on the have to haves and save on the imitable. Your wallet AND closet will thank you!


Expensive Jumpsuit: Intermix.  Affordable Jumpsuit: Gianni Bini (only $38!).  Velvet Marigold Sandals: Loeffler Randall.  Bag: Goyard.  Sunglasses: Dior.  Jacket: Levi’s.


What Am I Going To Wear Today


“…But I have nothing to wear.”
We’ve all said it, and we’ve all heard it. It’s a commonplace fashion conundrum – feeling like you’ve got nothing to wear when your closet is chock-full of clothes. It can strike before a big event, a night on the town, or commonly in the morning before heading to work.
As a self-proclaimed NOT morning person, I wake up and race the clock to get to work on time. My morning routine includes reading The Skimm, browsing through Instagram (duh!), and general procrastination. Then it’s time for hair, makeup and the whole grooming shabang. This leaves little to no time to waffle about what I’m wearing to work. Because of my routine and tendency to run late, I’ve come up with a little ritual that rarely has me wondering about my outfits. Reading closely? Because I’ve shared my secret with very few people! Ok here goes….
I actually pick out ALL of the week’s outfits in advance on Sunday evening. It might sound time consuming or over the top, but let me tell you…it’s worth it! I simply take a look at the week’s weather and go from there. For example… Cool on Monday? Maybe it’s time to break out a cashmere sweater and a studded pair of jeans. Now that I know I’m wearing jeans on Monday, perhaps I’ll go for a skirt or dress on Tuesday. Am I wearing heels early in the week? Then I add some variety with a cool and casual sneaker look. Planning out my outfits gets me in a creative mode where I’m willing to try things on, experiment a little and see the week’s looks through a wider lens. This way, I’m able to add more variety to each wardrobe, and not just reach for the same pair of shoes or jacket every day because they’re handy.
The borderline OCD kicker to my routine? I hang the outfits on a hanger in the order I’ll wear them…starting with Friday and then working backwards so that Monday is right on top and ready for me to grab in the morning. Of course, there is always flexibility for when inspiration strikes, weather changes, or when I simply change my mind! But overall, this routine helps my outfits stay fresh and creative, while keeping me on time for those morning meetings!
So what do you dolls think? Would you try this method to eliminate the closet conundrum? Do you do something similar? Or do you prefer to play it by ear?


Tell me your thoughts in the comments below! Xoxo, LA