Trend Alert – Layered Necklaces


Trends come and go. Some are for me, while others I just let pass. For instance, tiny sunglasses – I’ve worn a pair here or there, but I haven’t truly invested in this trend. On the other hand, a trend I’m totally in love with is layered necklaces! For one, you can get on-board with items you already have in your possession! No need to go out and spend to make this style a reality.


So what are some items to consider when going for the layered necklace look? Materials and length! Let’s start with materials. While mixing metals can be fun, too many can look cluttered and unintentional. I suggest sticking with one, such as gold, which is classic and modern. To add variety, you can mix up different textures – perhaps a chain, perhaps one is smooth, maybe one is made of paillettes. There are so many options to play with.


Next up is length! If all of your necklaces fall at the same place, then it looks like a jumbled mess. Instead, try varying lengths that show off the uniqueness of each necklace. For me, I usually like to wear a choker, then something that falls right at the base of my neck, then a chain that lies flat on my chest. You can see the beauty of each piece and the layering effect really comes to life!


And there you have it… Do you dolls like to layer necklaces? Share your favorite with me and see the necklaces I love at the links below!


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With the Summer heat, don’t you feel like you’re constantly looking for an outfit that’s easy to throw on, comfy and breathable, but still cute? Well I’ve found my go-to outfit!


I’ve recently become obsessed with an easy and stylish brand called ABLE. They’re a fashion brand out of Nashville with a purpose that can inspire all. ABLE’s mission is to end generational poverty by investing in women and the communities in which they live. They manufacture directly in the communities they want to impact – giving jobs to those who have overcome extraordinary circumstances and allowing these women to bring an income to their families.


In addition to this empowering work, ABLE has the most effortless looking outfits that keep me looking cool and collected. This Summer, I’ve been rocking their jumpsuit with every chance I get. In the evenings I throw on a denim jacket to curb the breeze, and I finish my look with leopard sandals for a bit of fun. Don’t forget the accessories! Their leather and suede satchel is the perfect size for throwing in Summer essentials. The variety of colors had me wanting every shade, but in the end I opted for black given my Ex-New Yorker wardrobe. And last but not least is one of my new favorite pieces of jewelry…the prettiest turquoise ring that miraculously goes with everything. So if you see me this Summer, I’ll likely be rocking this look with a cast of different jackets in the evening. I’ll transition the look to Fall with some suede boots and my leather jacket. And there you have it…any easy look, not only for summer – but for seasons to come!


Jumpsuit: ABLE.  Bag: ABLE (On sale for $108!).  Sandals: ABLE.  Ring: ABLE.


Thank you to ABLE for partnering on this post


Tips for White Bags and My New Chanel


By now you may have noticed I have a little obsession with bags. Big handbags, small clutches, name brands and vintage… the list goes on and on. Every once in a while a bag speaks to me and I just have to have it! The best way to describe it is like in Harry Potter when the wand-maker says “The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter.” It’s the same feeling for me!


Over the holidays I treated myself to my Proenza Schouler, and I made it halfway through 2018 before spotting the latest addition to my collection.


For quite some time, I’ve been teasing Jason about my need to find the perfect white Chanel bag. I mean… I have a black one, so I was just missing the ying to my yang! I’ve always loved white bags (despite the obvious care needed to keep them pristine), and my move down south has just intensified this love. Well I spotted this bag while out shopping in my neighborhood, and it instantly spoke to me. The Kelly shape is iconic, classic, yet unexpected for a Chanel. Because of its shape I felt it was too unique to pass up – and the size is just perfection! I can throw in sunglasses, my wallet, and a little bit more than my usual small bag. Sold!

So what do I do to care for my new beauty and keep it looking it’s best?  Here are a couple of tips:


1) Be Mindful of weather. I never wear my bag on days I feel there will be rain or any sort of element touching and potentially damaging my bag.


2) No Blue Jeans. I keep the easily affected white leather away from dyes that can be transferred from jeans or other dyed fabrics.


3) Be cautious of my surroundings and my plans! I never wear really expensive bags to places or situations that could be problematic. Ie – you won’t see me at a concert, crowded place where the leather could be inadvertently scratched, or overall messy locale. I save my nice bags for calm occasions where I can set it down safe and sound. Ie – dinner, brunch plans, shopping, etc. While I’m not overly cautious and afraid to wear my bag out (I bought it, so I want to enjoy it), there’s definitely something to be said about making smart decisions and improving the longevity of your purchase!


Hope you like my new love and the tips I shared. With the proper care, a white bag can be a chic new addition to your closet! xo