J.Crew Playa


It’s no secret I’m a major fan of J.Crew. Their classic style and preppy aesthetic is something that’s always resonated with me. Even as my style has changed, I can always count on staples such as luxe cashmere sweaters, playful shoes, and quality swimwear that won’t break the bank.


Speaking of swimwear, with the departure of Victoria Secret – don’t you feel like there is a lack of mid-range swim options? Ie – not an H&M or Target, but also not a suit from Saks that’s a huge chunk of a paycheck. I’m guilty of looking at price tags and thinking “that’s not that bad” before realizing that’s only the cost of the top…not the bottom!


Well J.Crew has consistently provided great silhouettes for swim that work for a range of body types and come in the cutest colors and patterns. Like I said, I’m a fan! Recently, they also launched another swim line called J.Crew Playa! What’s the difference between this and their normal swim? It’s a little more playful and a little skimpier. Think lower necklines, drastic scoop backs, and an even more affordable price-point. Aka perfect for the millennials out there who want the quality of a heritage brand, but with a fresh perspective. If you like my swimsuit pictured above, I highly recommend checking out the collection. You can find my other favorites HERE, HERE, and HERE.


My suit: J.Crew.

Thank you J.Crew for partnering on this post!


Top 3 Nail Art Trends


If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I’m all about my nails…especially nail art! While the trends have come along way from the painted flower on our big toes (I totally got this in middle school), the love and artistry is still there! I tend to lean towards more conservative nail art, but so many followers have reached out about my colors and styles of choice. Here’s what’s hot on my radar on the nail front:
Negative space: this trend seems ultra minimal and gives a geometric twist to any design. Plus, the negative space makes it less apparent when your actual nail starts to grow out. Gel manicures rejoice!
A stunning stud: An easy gateway into nail art is a gold or rhinestone stud on your color of choice. I love a gold stud on white or a candy colored shade. It’s simple, but adds a touch of personality and glam to an otherwise ordinary manicure.
Foil: When I was in New York, a foil manicure was all the rage. Cover your entire nail, incorporate negative space, or do a combo with your fav color. This futuristic and shiny look is a modern cool girl’s must- have!


From Desk To Dinner With Amazon Fashion


Many of you know that I live a little bit of a double life. By day I work in advertising, and the evenings and weekends are when I focus on Brown Paper Doll! While fashion is a part of my everyday life, I often dress differently for my day-job than when I attend blogger events. I would love to be able to come home and get glammed up before my evening commitments, but I don’t always have that luxury! AND I know that you don’t have to be a blogger to face that same conundrum. Happy hour or date night can often be right after you “punch out” for the day. That’s why I partnered with Amazon Fashion to showcase one of my looks where I transitioned from day to evening. Sometimes a couple of easy tweaks can transform an outfit and take you from desk to dinner in no time!


One of my favorite looks for work is a crisp collared shirt with high-waisted jeans (usually ripped). Since I work in advertising, I can be a little bit edgy, but still need to be professional. I often throw on my favorite navy blazer or leather jacket depending upon my mood and client meeting schedule. In this instance, the warm weather has me trading up my black ripped jeans and opting for high-waisted white culottes and a chunky heel that’s equally bright and comfortable. That’s the amazing thing about Amazon, I can find my go-to work staples like this classic theory Oxford shirt, but also funkier fashion finds like my velvet Loeffler Randall mules.


After work it’s time to meet Mr. O’Toole for dinner or grab a cocktail with my girls! I don’t like to make too much of a fuss when I transition my look. I want items that are simple, but make an impact! For this particular look I couldn’t wait to grab my new favorite piece of jewelry. While chokers have been in for a while, I’m a recent fan of the simple collar. This one by Jules Smith was a must-have in my Amazon cart! It’s sleek design, but gleaming finish adds the right amount of glamour to my weekday look! On a side-note, I can’t wait to wear this as a layering piece for a more trendy look on the weekend. To make my outfit more after-hours appropriate, I kicked off my sensible heels and threw on a pair with pom tassels. With these couple of changes, all I need is a cocktail and I’m ready for my evening plans!


Shirt: Theory. Necklace: Jules Smith.


Thank you to Amazon Fashion for teaming up on this post.