Lake Pajamas


Staying home during the quarantine while pregnant definitely led to a shake-up of my daily wardrobe. I traded my stilettos for pajamas and loungewear just like so many of you. While I’m usually not one to spring for special pj’s, they’re all I wanted as soon as I gave birth to my little Elle.  Enter Lake, a brand that sells the softest cotton loungewear you can imagine. I had previously been gifted a set of shorts, but never really wore them since I don’t love bare legs around the house. 


Well, let me tell you that after getting a set of the long pj’s, I haven’t wanted to take them off. They’re soft, breathable, and oh so cozy. I also love that they offer special sets for maternity needs/nursing mothers, so they are great for this time in my life.  I opted for a striped set in Parisian green (a pretty mint shade), that will be cute no matter the season. The best part? I got a matching set for Elle so we can get our “mommy and me” on without even leaving the house!

I love the pj’s so much, I’m already considering what set we’ll get next. Maybe lavender? Since the sets are 100% cotton, they do shrink quite a bit – so if you are interested in this brand, make sure to keep this in mind. Let me know if you’re a fan of Lake in the comments below and your thoughts on what colors will be cute for Spring!

Maternity – Parisian Green: LAKE. Lavender: LAKE. Kids Lavender: LAKE.


Mi Golondrina


One of the joys of blogging is discovering new brands to add to your wardrobe. One such brand for me is Mi Golondrina. This female founded company began with a mission to showcase Mexican heritage in fashion. The founder wanted to preserve the tradition of hand embroidery and also empower the talented Mexican artisans. Today Mi Golondrina elevates the indigenous skill of these artisans, and also ensures to pay fair wages for their art. I love this history, commitment to the founders heritage, and the gorgeous designs and skills that go into every piece. 


I’m so honored to partner with Mi Golondrina to showcase three styles that caught my eye for Spring/Summer. First, their Flores collection launches today and features colorful embroidery that does the collection’s name proud. I opted for a short dress that I paired with red hot heels! I loved this dress so much, I also had to have it in a crisp white. We all know the white dress is the cornerstone of any warm-weather wardrobe. I paired that dress with my favorite straw hat, clutch and espadrilles to finish the look. Last but not least, I was so drawn to the brand’s Olivia dress with its ruffled collar and sleeves. It’s so feminine and a beautiful addition to my wardrobe. I love the simple blue and white color story. In addition to the styles I’m wearing, I’m also obsessed with the Brand’s Valentines collection, now live on their site. Every dress is thick, doesn’t wrinkle easily, and you can truly feel the quality of the fabric, not to mention the gorgeous workmanship of the embroidery! The dresses, tops and skirts come in a never-ending rainbow of colors, so you can truly find one to match your personality and taste. You can find Mi Golondrina’s latest collection at the link below!

Mi Golondrina: https://www.migolondrina.com/

Thank you to Mi Golondrina for partnering on this post!


Nursery Reveal


Before having Elle, one of the most exciting parts about preparing for a baby was designing her nursery. I have to say, it’s easy to get swept up in inspiration photos online, wanting to emulate the most perfect pastel room fit for your little one. However, you can easily get sticker shock or feel overwhelmed when diving deeper into what it takes to put together these seemingly perfect rooms. 


Besides the decor, I also found it hard to compare the room I was turning into a nursery with the stunning spaces of the rooms on Pinterest. For instance, of course a certain nursery looked amazing- the room was large, full of bright windows with refinished floors or French architectural details. When you start with a blank canvas like that, the room is going to be gorgeous no matter what. 


Creating Elle’s nursery was a true labor of love which combined rocking with what we’ve got, hunting down luxe-looking but affordable pieces, and incorporating vintage items with sentimental value to bring meaning to her space. 

Some of the key items in Élodie’s nursery include a blush, velvet couch found second-hand from a clothing boutique that was moving, picture frames collected over the years and wall-frames from West Elm. Lucite shelves were purchased from the Container Store (much cheaper than Pottery Barn Kids) to house her growing library and add color to the walls. The lucite also matches nicely with her crib, a Pottery Barn Kids item (along with her glider). I then found cream blackout curtains and throw pillows at TJ Maxx for an amazing deal! One of my favorite items to find was her abstract blush painting which I got at Pier 1 Imports during their closing sale. I think it truly captures the essence of some of those abstract paintings you see on Instagram but make you gasp when you see the price. This one was just over $100 and truly makes the room. I also love the Ballard Designs frameless mirror I found on Facebook Marketplace which reflects the colors of the painting and adds light to the small room. The most special part of the nursery are all the little details that bring the room to life. Over her crib, we hung blankets and a garland from my own childhood nursery. Elle’s diaper cream and accessories are housed in crystal jars found from my favorite vintage shop in my hometown. The teddy sitting on the couch was given to Jason as a baby, although he got an upgraded ribbon for Elle. 


Simply put, I spent quite a bit of time searching for the perfect items to create our nursery. From Facebook Marketplace, to TJ Maxx, I hunted for deals where possible to save for the big ticket items from Pottery Barn and Ballard. Whatever your budget or whatever your room looks like, there’s a way to capture your personal style on your own terms. I hope Elle loves her nursery, but most importantly I hope she knows how it was created with love!