New Year’s Resolutions


Well its official…2018 is here! While 2017 was a great one for me – I moved, got a new job, and grew Brown Paper Doll, I definitely have some resolutions and goals for the new year. Here’s a look at what I hope to accomplish:


1. Stop comparing myself to other bloggers. Getting started as a blogger can be a rough road with a lot of learning from others who are in the same space. It’s so easy to look at other people and compare yourself as an indicator of where you think you “should be.” Whether it’s clothes, body, number of followers, I can become down on myself, envious, and riddled with self-doubt when the comparison game is played. It’s time to put an end to it. There’s a beauty in realizing every person is unique, and so is their path. I work a full time job, my style is different, networks are different. Simply put, I’m different. Part of my resolution includes spreading my story and my truth (the hardships I’ve encountered AND the successes) to help inspire others out there! There are so many friends I’ve met and fabulous women out there doing their own thing, that the blogosphere should feel encouraging – not threatening! And this year I’m hoping to find more peace in the process and growing at my own pace.
2. Be a smarter shopper! As you can imagine, my closet is filled to the brim. I see things I like, that I think would be a good addition, but if I don’t love it – I’m not going to buy it! Setting financial goals for myself are a big priority since I’ve moved out of New York, and taking a look at my shopping habits are definitely a part of achieving a healthier financial future. Does that mean I’m going to stop shopping? Definitely not. Lol It just means I hope to be a little more discerning, always using my GOLDEN RULE and thinking ahead to the future before I pull out my credit card.
3. Do more things that bring me joy! Laughter and light are so important to the mind and soul. In today’s world, it’s so easy to feel focused on work, blogging, responsibilities, etc. Between my full-time career in advertising and Brown Paper Doll, I often feel overwhelmed and stuck on a hamster wheel. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do – but it can leave limited time for spontaneity, as I’m so focused on staying afloat and reaching milestones for both. This year, I hope to spend more time doing things that bring me joy. Maybe that means coming home from work and instead of working on the blog, it’s lighting a candle and reading a book. Perhaps it means more travel with friends, or going to concerts! I think working with a joyful heart and rested mind can lead to further creativity and productivity. In the end, I hope that this will help Brown Paper Doll flourish even more.
And there you have it…my goals for 2018. Everything is a balance, and I’m still trying to figure it out I guess. Here’s to all of you, to success, and to “figuring it out” (or at least trying to) in 2018! Feel free to comment below or reach out on Instagram (@brownpaperdoll) to let me know about your goals for the year! xoxo


A Very SPANX Holiday


There’s no denying it…this time of year is the height of parties and events! Holiday parties, office soirees, family get-together, the opportunities to celebrate and dress up seem endless! And when I do dress up, I want to make sure that I put my best foot forward and feel glamorous from the inside out.  While outfits are key- I also think what’s underneath is another key element!


For me, I personally don’t leave the house for a special event without first putting on my favorite pair of SPANX.  Wether I’m looking to sculpt or smooth, SPANX helps my clothes lie better and ultimately makes me feel more confident in my special occasion wear. Recently I’ve been wearing favorites from the Power Conceal-Her collection that are so lightweight but also powerful. This particular collection combats my cellulite (yes, I’m not ashamed to admit I have it!) and gives me a flawless finish underneath my dresses! The power of this collection lies within the double-layer of shaping, so dimples and bumps don’t stand a chance. The effect is amazing, and I can’t imagine wearing my holiday looks without it! So this year, I thought I’d share not only what I’m wearing for my holiday events…but what’s underneath!






While a little red dress seems appropriate this time of year, I like to do things a little differently! Especially since I’m home in Florida over the holiday, I love to go with a more unexpected style of holiday dress! Off the shoulder and more suited for a warmer holiday, this blush number was short, flirty, and perfect for holiday cocktails with my hometown crew! With my SPANX High-Waisted Power Conceal-Her Extended Length Short, SPANX kept my waist smooth under the fit and flare shape!


Power Conceal-Her Extended Length Short: SPANX.  Dress: Keepsake (Similar).  Earrings: Kate Spade.  Heels: Stuart Weitzman (Similar).  Bag: Chanel.






Well getting dressed up isn’t just for the holidays! Since I’m back home, I find myself grabbing dinners with old friends and colleagues, many of whom I haven’t seen in years! A fancy dinner, tickets to a show, or just no occasion can suddenly turn into a special occasion. For those moments, I again turn to SPANX to keep me smooth underneath my outfit! In this instance, I’m headed to a dinner at our local club- and wearing a silk pleated skirt and cropped,  pleated champagne top! Since the skirt lies over the top, but it also cropped- I wanted something with a little more coverage. A SPANX bodysuit smoothed my tummy and bum, fighting both cellulite and panty lines underneath an otherwise finicky silk skirt. So no matter the occasion- SPANX has me covered, from top to bottom!


Power Conceal-Her Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit: SPANX.  Top: Elizabeth and James.  Skirt: Tibi. Earrings: Natasha Accessories (only $12.97!).  Heels: Stuart Weitzman (Similar).  Bag: Saint Laurent (Similar).






New Years Eve means two things in my book- rhinestones and champagne! Im wearing a simple back dress for my night on the town, but topping it off with an uber-glam embellished blazer from Alice and Olivia! The best part about this look? I could wear either piece, the dress or the blazer, separately and for any occasion! I see myself wearing the black dress to work under a more understated blazer or to dinner underneath a leather jacket. I’d wear the rhinestone blazer with a simple tee and jeans for a more casual look! In this instance, I perfected my look with my SPANX black Extended Length Short to keep me svelte from waste to knee, which was perfect for the longer cocktail length of my curve-hugging dress! Plus, black on black- there’s nothing more classic!


Power Coneal-Her Extended Length Short: SPANX.  Blazer: Alice + Olivia.  Dress: Michael Stars (on sale for $79!).  Heels: Stuart Weitzman (Similar).  Bag: Chanel.


Thank you to SPANX for sponsoring this post!


Top 5 Tips for Thrift Shopping


I personally find that being a good thrift shopper is an art. Usually with the volume of items in vintage or thrift stores, it’s easy to be distracted, feel overwhelmed and simply leave with nothing! While leaving with nothing happens to me often – I’ve created a few tips that help me find some great pieces. In the past, I’ve found amazing hats, purses, and even a pair of vintage Chanel shoes for $25! I know what you’re thinking…yes, they were totally authentic! Most recently, I even found a vintage Loewe bag that I was able to snag for $30. What a find! Without further ado, here are my top 5 tips for thrift shopping that consistently help me find success while thrifting.


1. Don’t go when you’re hungry or impatient- This seems pretty obvious, but thrifting or vintage shopping while hungry or short on time is a recipe for disaster. The process takes time and patience to flip through racks, and you need to take a look at items with a close eye. I know that when I’m hungry or in a rush, I get in a mood that doesn’t allow for the detail necessary to find something good. I recommend going when you’re in the mood to stroll, have an open mind and are up for a fashion adventure!


2. Go on a mission- The flip side to casually browsing is going thrifting on a mission! For instance, over the summer I stopped by vintage stores with the sole intent of finding the perfect vintage denim jacket. Often times, having a particular item in mind can help cut down on distractions and feeling overwhelmed by the wide variety of pieces. This way, you can try on what you’re looking for and keep your eye focused on the prize!


3. Look for staples- If you don’t have anything in particular in mind, but are looking for a good find (whatever that might be) a great tactic is to look for wardrobe staples. I always start thrifting by looking through jackets, because I find they are the first pieces that go when people clean out their wardrobes. Then, I move to shoes and bags, and then sweaters. While I’ve found jackets are the easiest place to start in terms of staples, I also like to look for pieces like little black dresses, and classic pieces that will fit seamlessly to my wardrobe! Doesn’t fit perfectly? No sweat – often times a little tailoring can make an older piece feel brand new and like it was made especially for you!


4. Keep an eye out on luxe fabrics/materials- One of the reasons I love going through sweaters is that it’s really easy to spot cashmere amongst the racks of cotton or wool. I think taking a close eye to items with luxe fabrics is a great way to find more expensive pieces at a discount. I love finding cashmere in good condition, silk jackets, and fine leather goods. Most recently I found my vintage Loewe bag (pictured) buried at the bottom of a suitcase, by simply seeing a flash of good leather amongst synthetic materials!


5. Lastly, think of what it’s worth to you- Thrifting can seem like a great opportunity to grab pieces on a discount. But things can add up! Make sure that you really take a look at the fabric of your piece, and pay close attention to the condition. Sometimes a little wear and tear is worth it because you know it’s not brand-new and you’re getting it at a deal. Other times, it just might not be worth it! I’ve seen pre-owned bags at sky high prices that I could get brand new if I put in a tiny bit more money. In my mind, that’s not worth it! So if you see something vintage or second-hand that’s on the pricier side, make you do your research and consider what the item is really worth to you!